Friday 20 December 2013

Diwali in Pictures.

I have been exactly a month away from my blog. And that makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because I missed blogging, and happy, because it just reaffirms the fact, that I want to and will always blog. Also, being the control freak that I am I consider this absence from the blog world, as a failure on my part. But I read somewhere that "The number of times you fail the more closer you are to success" or so I would like to believe. So I am a little relieved too.
My Diwali inspired posts were supposed to get over in November, but due to the sudden turn of events, the plans were foiled. I was supposed to write about two more rituals, Bhaubeej and Padwa before I wrapped up my Diwali posts, but I guess I will hold on to them until next year. I mean who would like to read about Diwali during Xmas?
So to wrap up the Diwali posts, and also because I am too pressed for time to write any more, I am sharing a few pics from my Diwali celebrations 2013. Whether you like them or not, I know you will comment. ;)
Love you guys and thanks for sticking on.

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  1. that big ganesh ji diya is lovely and the last rangoli too <3

  2. great pics dear!! welcome back :)

  3. I guess it's never too late to share anything... Happy Diwali !

  4. Beautiful rangoli and nice decoration. missed you

  5. Namaste! Your blog is very interesting. I haven't seen Diwali lights live yet, but some day I will!

    Please check my blogs in a free time - I run a travel blog ( - I wrote also about my 2 trips to India, unfortunately it's only in my mother tongue - Polish but the photos are nice) and a fashion blog ( - in Polish and in English). I hope you will like it. Please check also my entry about Vogue India I bought in Kochin in September :)

  6. It's true that regularity makes the readers more close and connected, but so do posts, that come seldom, but seems to be written from heart and soul, bearing the truth,that we can relate to.I believe your posts are mostly such, so don't be dis-heartened.
    Anyways you are actively posting on facebook,so I guess, you still are giving your best... :)

    Random Waves Of My Fashion Kaleidoscope

  7. I can understand how you feel dear..but be rest assured that your appreciation and encouragement for fellow bloggers will rebound and we will read and comment no matter what:-)
    Nice pictures and a great feel of Diwali back home..I'm glad you shared your celebration pics!

    Have a great festive season

  8. Lovely photographs!

    xo, Meera |

  9. Lovely decorations, Aditi! Sorry I am late in commenting here :(



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