Thursday 31 January 2013

Get Personal..!

I don't like…(that’s not how you start your post, but at So-Saree we hardly pay heed to RULES ) So…where was I?
I don’t like when people get personal..! No one does..!

But there is one area where I make an exception. In fact I rather insist that people get personal.
Yes. Gifts, the best part about birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, and even getting married..! ;)
I am sure no one in this world does not like to receive them.

While there are a host of websites/portals enlightening (read selling) you on what to gift, I feel, we
as a gifter have a big responsibility. 
I had read somewhere that a gift is anything that makes the other happier or less sad.
So the test is pretty simple, if you feel your gift can make the other happy, or say less have hit the bull's eye.

I personally prefer personalised gifts...n rather predictably my house is filled with loads of them.
Come anniversaries/birthdays and I start surfing for the best personalised gifts I can get.
Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I wanted to do a post on ideas for Valentines Day gifts,
before it was too late. Here you go...

1) Travel Map: Download a world/country map and mark all the places you and your Valentine have travelled together with a heart, to commemorate your love. Get this framed, or put it up on your pin-up board/refrigerator/wardrobe, anywhere your partner can see it easily. You can also mark some
places as your to-visit wish list.(Just in case your partner needs help in planning your next vacation.
;) Ain't I smart?)

2) Scrap book: Create a scrapbook of all your fond memories and gift it to your Valentine. Paste pictures of your first date, vacation, concert, etc. The scrapbook I made for my husband has pictures of how we first met, my first rose, first concert tickets, our first holiday etc.
It was like a walk down the memory lane and my husband still treasures it.

3) Dance together: Enroll in a couple dance programme. This way, you not only learn a new dance form and work some calories off, but you also enjoy some intimate moments with your loved one. 

4) Holiday together: Cliché! But works wonders. Check out for offbeat locations and kill the monotony.

5) Poet: I agree, very few are born Shakespeare or should I say Kalidas, but that should not stop you from penning down a few lines for the special person. The rhyme can be ridiculous, but the feelings have to be pure. It works wonders..believe me.

6) Singers: If you are not good with words, say it with music. Our Bollywood lyricists have already left us a huge and rich legacy of romantic songs. Pick any song, and make it your own.

7) Romantic Dinner: If you are not a poet or a singer, don’t be disappointed. There are many things
money can't buy, but for everything else, you can always empty your pockets. Get some
professional help and arrange for someone to sing your love a special dedication, while you enjoy a romantic dinner together.

8) Spa package: I love this one. Not too sure of my husband..but I often coax him into it. After all,
no one can/should turn down gifts.

9) Cook: If the way to a man's heart is thru his is the way to a woman's heart..! Cook
for your love instead of splurging on fancy restaurants. And be assured to be rewarded.

10) Gift your Own Self: More than anything else, your presence would be the best gift for your Valentine. So make sure you make time for the special one that day.

11) Picture/Photo Gifts: Ok..I was saving this for the last..coz..not sure about u guys..but m crazy about picture gifts.  They are unique, personalised and so much better. And I will not lie if I say that I have almost each of the below in my house: Gifted and/Recd. I have found an amazing site, where you can buy personalised gifts at reasonabe prices and they are good with delivery too. I can vouch for that. And No. They are not paying me for this post. (Not yet atleast) ;)
Check out my favourites:
>Pillow head:
>Artificial fabric rose with your pic printed on the petal:
>Magic cup with your pics. It's just a black mug until any hot liquid like tea or coffee is poured in -
that's when it shows off your favourite photos.:
>Bedsheet.Quilt with your pics printed:
>Photo Cake: For this you have to visit your nearest Bakery or Cake Shop.

 After all isn't life all about creating those special moments. So go ahead and surprise your Valentine.


P.S.: Feb also happens to be my birthday month. Inspired by the above post, if anyone wishes to
send me any gifts, please be informed that I shall not refuse. I can't be rude! NEVER! Even if I want to!

So what are you sending me?

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Makar Sankranti.

Ok..I know..I am too late on this one. But better late than never.
Happy Sankranti to Everyone.
A little gyaan to start with. I promise it won't be long. {That’s how you lure people to read your entire post. ;)}
Makar Sankranti is celebrated during the Hindu month of Magh. This is in the month of January. It is one of my favourite festivals, as it is only during this Hindu festival that wearing Black is considered auspicious. Cool na! I am not too sure, but of what I know, black is worn on this day because black sesame is considered auspious. Another reasoning behind it can be that Sankranti comes at the peak of the winter season and black colour retains and absorbs heat, helping keep warm.
The day prior to Makar Sankranti is called Bhogi. On this day people clean their house and indulge in domestic activities with their family members.
What I do differently on this day is that I add some sesame seeds to my bathing water and wash my hair. Though there is no scientific reasoning behind it, (or even if there is ...I am not aware of the
same) it is believed that this ritual is supposed to keep you away from diseases and ailments through out the year. In other words, a person who does not do this, will be a Rogi (diseased one) during that year.
Okay! I do religiously follow this ritual, but that is because I love following traditions, and I do fall
sick too. I also know people who have never even heard of this ritual and manage to stay hale
and hearty during most times of the year. So you can take the reasoning behind this ritual with a
pinch of salt. Now Food! How can Indian Festivals even be complete without the mention of food?
This day a special vegetable preparation is made which is referred as the Bhogi chi Bhaaji. My
mouth is watering even while I type this. ;)
{For recipe see here:}

Anyways coming back to Makar Sankranti, this is how I do the puja. This may not necessarily be the correct way, but this is how my mom does it and now I follow suit.
Two earthen pots, black (Large) and red (small) also known as Sugad are used in the puja. Hence,
the puja is also referred as the Sugad puja. On these pots, 5 vertical lines are drawn with your fingers dipped in haldi (turmeric) and kumkum (vermilion) one after the other, overlapping on each other. The black (larger) pot, is placed on the dais you wish to perform the puja on and filled with 5 different types of nuts. I usually use dry fruits, as it is easily available. But traditionally people use Harbhara, Moong, Pieces of sugarcane, etc.; basically fresh produce from the farms, since it is a harvest festival.
On top of the black pot, the Red pot is placed and it is filled with Tilgul laddoos. There the Basic Puja
set up is done. Now you can decorate the Sugad with flowers and rangoli, the way you like and begin
your puja.
                                                This is how my Sugad Puja Looked.

I chant the Ganesh Aarti first, followed by the Durga Aarti and finish the puja with a small prayer.
(where I ask for endless stuff..(heehee)..being greedy in your prayers is allowed, and I take full
advantage of it.)
After that I seek blessings from elders, offer them til gul ladoos wishing them..
Til Gul Kha aani God God Bola.(Yup, food again!)
Meaning: Til=Sesame. Gul=Jaggery.
Wiki Says: Tilgul is a colourful sesame candy coated with sesame seeds.
Til Gul Kha aani God God bola= Eat Tilgul and talk sweet. The under-lying thought in the exchange of Tilguls is to forget the past ill-feelings and hostilities and resolve to speak sweetly and remain friends.

For more info about Makar Sankranti visit:

For the pooja I had worn a black saree and this is how I had accesorised.
Gift From S.I.L.
    Bangles: Local Store in Mumbai bought ages ago.
                                            Watch: D'signer. Gift From Sister.


Tuesday 22 January 2013

Categorily speaking...

The other day when I was speaking to a friend, and I told her about my blog, she said: you are a fashion blogger now!
And I was like... when did I say fashion? I just said blog. It's a personal blog where I share my interests, the things I like/dislike or anything and everything that catches my interest. She tried to defend herself by saying: Isn't your blog named So-Saree? has to be fashion. What else?
And my answer was pretty simple. I follow a blog called Pineapple-ish ( does that mean the owner can blog only about fruits..?? ROFL. That was a ridiculous explanation. But I think it worked. ;)

Categorising was one thing I hated throughout my life.
Society categorises you all the time…
on the basis of financial position, educational qualification, dressing style, your language, caste, creed, nationality... the list is endless.
I feel categories create divide and limits your avenues. Hence should be avoided.
And now that I am on this topic, let me clarify a little about So-Saree.
Even though the name suggests saree, this blog is much more than that. The name was chosen, considering my obsession with sarees, and don't be surprised if tomorrow I start writing about beach wear, home decor or even vodoo for that matter..(ok..the vodoo was just too much..but..who knows?)

Speaking of voodoo, the other day I saw the trailer of the movie: Ek thi Daayan. It is so amazingly shot, that I was completely spooked. I can't wait for it's release.

Have you seen the trailer yet?


Sunday 20 January 2013

Satya Mev Jayate !

Hello All. I am already on my second post, and so far the response has been humbling. Thanks to everyone, who visited my Blog. It really means a lot.
My topic for the second post was too easy. I had thought about it, even before I had conceived my first post.
I started my blog, with the mention of my God, so for my second post, I choose - the God of Sarees.
Ladies n gentlemen , please bow down to the God Of Sarees - Satya Paul.
Satya (literal meaning truth) Paul was on born 2nd Feb, 1942 Leiah Muzzafargarh, which post partition is now in Pakistan. He is a self made designer, entrepeneur and truly a poineer who started his career at a very young age without any formal training in art. He opened his first store in new Delhi in 1965, started exporting in 1975 and launched the Satya Paul label in 1985.
He currently runs his company called Paul Salon which creates some of the most amazing and crafted accessories, home textiles, furnishing fabrics for international markets.
Satya Paul is the first designer label in India to brand sarees with designer’s logo and to exhibit their collection in the format of fashion shows.
27 years since its launch, what has remained constant is the passion, excellence and innovation of the brand which still makes it the Mecca for Saree Lovers.
I had the pleasure to read his interview some time ago where he quoted:"The sari is one of the most beautiful and one of most ancient of dresses. This is also the only dress that takes the shape of the woman who wears it.The sari has 'feminine poise and grace in it'. Even when a poor lady wears it she looks richer."
I couldn't agree more. It is his love and sincerity towards this garment, that has helped put saree on the world map.
I could just go on and on talking about him, but its better if I allow his work to speak instead.
I so love his designs, that I can keep posting millions of pics of his sarees.
I have posted only some of my fav picks, which I had saved in my personal folder over the years. Hope u like them.
The Oogle Saree.
A saree made up of the Google web search results.
I love this Saree and I love Google.
Saree with the signatures of Cricket Players
designed for Mandira Bedi during World Cup 2007.
The Newspaper Print Saree.
The Pink Polka Dot Saree
                                                  A Signature Piece from Satya Paul.
A Saree with the pics of Bollywood Beauties.
A Satya Paul Styled
                                                 for the Vogue India October 2010 issue.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

The return of the Saree.

My first post had to be on saree...y? Duh..!!
It's my fav piece of clothing.
So beautiful, so feminine, so Indian, and the best part...One size fits all..!
My first memoirs of a saree .. include my mom in beautiful cotton sarees starched and ironed to perfection leaving for work. It was then..that my fascination for sarees originated...N I thought..this is what I will wear when I go to work ...!
Years later, when I actually started working, the corporate scene was different. Trousers, skirts n shirts dominated the corporate fashion world. Though I did like dressing smartly in formals, I still yearned to go the saree way. I was one of the select few who took the initiative in organising saree days at work every now n then ...God...How My colleagues hated me..!
But I loved it!
Today, I am so happy..! Saree is finally getting its is going through its most interesting phase.
Such style, such innovation, and such global fame..all being served upon this humble piece of garment. Thanx to all the new crop of Indian designers and off course their muses.. who have made saree the next big thing.
Now..u dont just buy a saree..u earn it..! ;)
Since this is my first post, I wanted to make an auspicios beginning, and start it with the mention of my God.
I have always believed that God is a woman, and I have proof for it.

                                    Meet My God, My Best Friend, my beloved Mom.

                                                    An old pic of Aai in saree of course.


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