Wednesday 29 April 2015

Kundan Jewellery courtesy Confusion FA

The art of making Kundan Jewellery flourished in the Mughal era and reached Rajasthan through Delhi.
Kundan jewellery is a part of traditional bridal trousseau for a reason. The pieces spell majestic charm and the person adorning it looks nothing less than a royal.
When I spotted these Kundan earrings on Confusion FA, it was love at first sight and then I found this pretty elastic Kundan bracelet and I thought, this is a match made in heaven.

What do you think?
This is your last chance to win a statement neckpiece from Confusion FA worth Rs. 3150.
Click on this link and enter the #giveaway now.

Monday 27 April 2015

10 handloom destinations for sarees in India

There is some magic about the weaves and crafts that spell fashion. In a country like India that has rich cultural colours spread across each state, handloom as a craft has diversified versions. Each state in India is known for its handloom history and tradition. The stories relating to birth of handloom craft is both interesting and involving. The handloom destinations have an amazing variety of classic sarees, which women love to adorn on all occasions.

The beauty of Handloom
The fashion industry is transformed into an urban and modern outlook, but some nuggets from the past still inspires them. Handloom sarees with its intricate designs, patterns and style of making still hold relevance and importance. These hand woven pieces of sarees made by local craftsmen using traditional techniques look charming and classic, when worn.
Let’s have a look at the 10 best destinations to hunt for handloom sarees in India. These are as follow:

·    The land of pious and revered river Ganga – Banaras: The Banarasi Handloom Silk Saree is among the most popular sarees that every women wishes to own. This one is demanded during the wedding season for its delicate and beautiful zari and embroidery work. The highlight is the pallu that is woven with gold or silver threads with dense designs.

·    Tussar Silk Saree from Bihar: Back in fashion Tussar Saree are now available with mixed fabrics and woollen materials. This one is a speciality of Bihar as Tussar comes with Madhubani paintings done on saree. These are collector items.

·    West Bengal treasure trove of Baluchari Handloom Sarees: Made by weaving and decoration, the handloom saree carries lot of interesting tales weaved into the design of the saree which makes its special and worth owing.

·    The tea garden of Assam is also known for its Munga Saree: The exclusive variety of silk made in Assam uses natural gold colours, which are not dyed. There are traditional motifs done on the border and pallu of the saree.

·    The land of Gir Lion is also known for its famous Ikkat Patola Silk Sarees: These are hand crafted pieces done with ethereal design patterns that take a long time to make one piece. Each saree is exclusive made with rich colour combinations and designs.


·    Kanchipuram Silk Saree (Kanjivaram Saree) from Tamil Nadu: This one is world famous saree made using zari and other intricate designs that come with contracting and bold colour combinations.

·    The pride of Orissa - Sambalpuri Sarees: These are regarded among the most beautiful saris. They are hand loom sarees made from soft cotton Silk and Tassur, also referred as Sambalpuri saree or Ikat Saree. Locally, they are known as shadhi.
.    In the heart of Central India, Madhya Pradesh’s very own Chanderi Silk Sarees : This is a legacy passed on from generations, the classic saree is soft, light and woven in cotton as well in silk. 
·    The traditional saree from Kerala: The while hand woven fabric with gold borders is a famous saree pattern. It is now adorned by women across the globe.

 Jaypore is one shopping destination where you will get all varieties of handloom sarees from India. They have rich collection with all kinds of handloom available in their stores. Jaypore has established itself as a one-stop-shop to buy all varieties of handloom sarees.

Friday 24 April 2015

Top 5 Business Hotels in Mumbai

Last year a few of my friends were traveling to Mumbai for work and they got in touch with me to help them zero down on the hotel bookings in Mumbai.
Having lived in Mumbai all my life, I hardly had any real experience of staying at hotels in Mumbai, and so I decided to do some research on Mumbai Hotels for tourists.

After much research, discussion with friends and deliberation, here is my list of top 5 Mumbai hotels for tourists/business travellers:

1. Trident BKC:
Situated in the commercial hub of Mumbai, Trident hotel is at a distance of about 11 kms from the Mumbai International airport.
The rooms here are modern and the overall design sensibilities of this hotel are contemporaray. Room are equipped with TV's, wifi, Ipod docks and are offered butler service as well.
This hotel has club rooms, spa, swimming pool, gym and three restaurants.

2. Four Seasons Hotel, Worli.

This is my personal favourite, for the sole reason that this hotel boasts of the famous Aer Lounge, Mumbai's highest rooftop bar.
The Four Seasons Hotel is at a distance 15 km from the Mumbai international airport and is really close to the Bandra Worli Sea Link, which is a major tourist attraction.
Spa, swimming pool, 24 hour fitness centre, early morning tea/coffee and a DVD library, this hotel has it all. The rooms here are spacious with luxurious baths, have free wifi, and offer a stunning view of the Mumbai Skyline. 

3. Grand Hyatt Santacruz:

This hotel is just 4 kms from the Mumbai international airport and is a high end hotel with courtyard gardens. The rooms here are sophisticated, equipped with TVs, wifi, tea and coffee making facilities. This hotel has some interesting dining options including Chinese and Italian; jogging track, fitness centre, spa and a shopping centre.

4.JW Marriot Juhu:

The JW Marriot, Juhu was the first JW Marriot brand in India. Their rooms
offer breathtaking sea views, luxurious baths, plush beds and high speed internet. Just 20 mins drive from the Mumbai airport, this hotel houses the famous Quan spa, a fitness centre pool and kitchenette services.

5. Hotel Bawa Continental:

I wanted to include this hotel in my list because it is one of the best budget Mumbai tourism hotels. With close proximity to the international airport and the hotspots of suburban Mumbai, this hotel is equipped with TV's, wifi, buffet breakfast and complimentary airport drop. And yet it manages to offer all these services at very reasonable prices. This one is a best fit for business travelers on a budget.

Which is your favourite hotel in Mumbai? Mention in the comments below.

P.S. I do not own images used in this post.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

#CCDSummerSlam with Smoothies and Slushes

Every year summers get harsher and every year I look out for new ways to cool down.
But know what, this time I didn't have to go much further, because I was lucky enough to be invited to an event that showed how easy and yummy cooling down can be.
Cafe Coffee Day couldn't have launched their new and fresh range of smoothies and slushes at a better timing. And when they did, they were gracious enough to invite a bunch a awesome bloggers [that includes me ;)] to sample their drinks.

The #CCDSummerSlam event that took place at Cafe Coffee Day Bandra, was a fun event event organised by Ripplelinks.

To begin with all bloggers were sent a list of the new awesome flavors of smoothies and slushes that CCD has launched with the invite and we were asked to dress in the colour of our favourite flavors for the event.
Me, being an ardent mango fan, decided to dress up in yellow; matching my outfit with the Mango Peach smoothie. (slurrp)

Jacket: Harpa via
Handbag: David Jones via
In the invite sent, there was one particular smoothie flavor that grabbed my attention, and I couldn't wait to try it. It was the RasMalai smoothie. My favourite Bengali sweet in a smoothie flavor... I was so intrigued to sample it.

The event started off with a few fun games like the blind folded Flavor Tasting game,

and keeping in mind the IPL season, we had a fun match match between the Smoothies and Slushes Team where participants were supposed to hit balls at the mid-air suspended standees of the new launched flavors of slushes and smoothies.

It was a tough fight, but in the end it was Team Smoothies that took away the prize.

While the fun games were going on, the spectators were being offered different flavors of smoothies and slushes in cute shot glasses. Every one was going gaga with each new flavor that they tasted.
The first smoothie I sampled was the Mango and Peach smoothie, and I was more than happy with it. Creamy and smooth with chunks of mango and peach, can it get any better?

Next up was the most anticipated drink of the evening, the RasMalai smoothie.
A rich creamy milky concoction topped with pieces of almonds and rasgulla. This was a very Desi take on smoothies and I recommend everyone to try it atleast once.

Now was the turn for some slushes. The Pink Lemonade slush was decent enough but the Tropical Spice Slush was a little hatke. The goodness of the tropical fruit granita mixed with the spicy flavor of jalapenos. WOW..this one felt like fireworks in my mouth.
I am not a strawberry fan, and I was keeping away from trying the Strawberry Blast Slush and Strawberry Pom Smoothie.
But what a mistake it would have been. I am sure all strawberry fans will love it, but I insist that people who don't like strawberry should try it too. I had become a huge fan of the Strawberry Pom Smoothie at the end of the tasting session which is a yummy milky mix of strawberry and pomegrante.
Post all the tasting and fun games, food was served. Sandwiches, wraps, rolls, pastries accompanied with smoothies and slushes as per our choice.

All in all it was a fun event and everyone had a great time.

The goodness of fruits delivered as smoothies and slushes to beat the rising temperatures is a sure shot way to beat those hunger and thirst pangs on a sunny day.

So make sure you head to your nearest Cafe Coffee Day centre to try these healthy and yummy coolers.

Monday 20 April 2015

#LakmeSchoolofStyle - India's First Fashion Video Magazine.

In a fashion savvy era, where trends change almost every week, it is really difficult for fashion conscious people like me and many more to keep up with these trends.

Of course you have fashion magazines and fashion blogs to keep up with the latest and ever changing trends, but then they are not all inclusive.
Plus the fashion magazines may portray fashion that is unaffordable to many, while the fashion blogs may be too personalised and not everyone may relate to them.

In such a scenario, wouldn't it be really nice if we could hire personal stylists, who are not only stylish and knowledgeable but have a cool take on all things fashion and trends?
Well..that's possible now.
You think I am kidding? Absolutely not.

#LakmeSchoolofStyle in association with #Fame is India's first fashion video magazine.
Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.
And #fame..need I say more? #fame is a brand, it is a platform, it is a movement that brings talented individuals together to do what they love the most and enjoy their moment of #fame with vlogging. Musicians, comedians, chefs, fashionistas and many more.. #fame is home to all such talented people.

I started with one video, and couldn't stop watching it for an entire hour.
Every video was unique, practical and upped my fashion knowledge a notch higher.

Out of all the videos that I saw, I simply loved these two videos:
One by Lakmé School Of Style's Sahibba K Anand on DIY Hairdos For Short Hair

and the other by Lakmé School Of Style Vlogger aka grooming guru Riaan George on 5 Top Grooming Tips For Men

I felt Sahiba's video was made for me. I have been sporting short layers for the longest time, and every time I want to dress up, all I can do to my hair is blow dry them and leave them open...the way they are. But this video changed my perception of short hair and showed me so many easy and elegant hairstyles that girls with short hair can sport.

And far as Riaan's video is concerned, I think this one is a must watch for all the men around here.
Groomed men is a specie that is really rare and with this video, I feel more and more men will understand that you don't have to spend hours in front of the mirror or spend huge bucks to achieve a perfectly groomed look.
For more videos subscribe to #LakmeSchoolOfStyle now.
Let me know, which video you liked the best.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Summers are So Much Cooler with

In a pool of numerous shopping portals there are only a few that make their mark.
Zovi is one such name that promises to bring affordable fashion to the doorsteps of fashionistas, because they believe that high quality apparel and accessories need not cost a bomb.
And this simple idea gave birth to Zovi where high quality lifestyle apparel are manufactured locally so as to make them available at extremely reasonable prices.
Offering fashionable stuff for both men and women, Zovi brings you the latest trends at a fraction of their latest prices. And this is exactly what makes them popular with their patrons.
With the Mumbai summer almost killing me, I was looking to shop for some summer clothes and Zovi provided me with options that were not just 'bang-on' on the fashion meter, but also on the function and affordability meter.
I was so impressed with the collection that I started putting looks together with their awesome stuff.
Here are the two looks I created.

For Women:

A cool look apt for grocery shopping on Sunday mornings.
Blue Floral Summer Dress: Buy Here
White Buckled Ballerinas: Buy Here
For Men:
A cool look for for some bowling and beer session with the Boys.
Slim Fit Casual White With Navy Prints Shirt: Buy Here
Dual Brown Casual Shoes: Buy Here

When my order arrived from Zovi, it was neatly packaged and delivered within two days of placing the order.
The footwear that I had ordered for was a size bigger for me, so I had to initiate a return procedure.
As far as I am concerned, the return procedure of online shopping portals really drives me crazy. And that is why I restrict my online shopping to limited items only.
But the good people at Zovi took care of this my return procedure so professionally that i was more than impressed.
From arranging a pick up of my replacement order to placing the new one, Zovi took care of the entire procedure in a hassle free manner. They were in touch with me continuously via email and phone, making sure everything was going according to my plan.
My footwear arrived in another two days and they fit me perfectly.
My MIL was so impressed with the quality of my footwear and was shocked when I told her the price for which they were bought.

Overall, I was more than happy with my experience with Zovi and I recommend buing from them at least once to experience their professionalism.

What Women Want !

Another guest post on my dear Friend Jaya aka Dhriti's Blog... Being Dhriti on the occasion of her First Blog Anniversary. Congrats Girl.

In this post I have shared my all time favourite story ....What Women Want!

Do check it out HERE and leave your comments if you like it.



Thursday 9 April 2015

A Royal Touch with Confusion FA and a Giveaway!

I am sure you have already read my post about Confusion Fashion Accessories.

Last week, when I had to attend a family function, I decided to flaunt my most favorite pieces from CFA...
The Unique Crystal Necklace &
The Turquoise and Black Hand Harness

with my favorite Net saree.

The end result..Overflowing compliments and inquiries about my jewellery.
The Unique Crystal Necklace is made from Swarovski crystals put together in an abstract way to create a stunning piece.

While the hand harness is made from a combination of stones in black and turquoise.
These two pieces instantly added a royal touch to my look.

Don't You think so?

Did you know????

Confusion Fashion Accessories offers a lifetime repair and service warranty on all necklaces!! 

Each product at Confusion FA is handcrafted with love and manufactured in India only. As a result they are able to fix and service your jewellery at any time.

And now some good news for So-Saree Readers.

Giveaway Alert!!!!
One Lucky Winner wins this statement necklace from Confusion FA worth Rs. 3150.

All you have to do is...

1> Like So-Saree on FB and Follow us on Twitter
2> Like Confusion FA on FB and follow them on Twitter

3> Share this giveaway on FB and Twitter as many times as you want.

For additional entries: 
1. Follow So-Saree on GFC.

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Giveaway is open Internationally and closes on the 1st of May 2015.

Winner will be announced a week later on the basis of a lucky draw.

Monday 6 April 2015

Chinese Recipe - Mushroom Manchurian Dry

India is a multi lingual, multi cultural country.
The best part about India, is that it embraces all the different cultures that reside here and makes them its own. The same stands true for international influences as well.
Valentines Day, Halloween and Friendship's day is celebrated with the same enthusiasm that we celebrate Diwali, Eid and Holi.

If you want to experience the culture of any place, you should taste its food.
Indian food is hot, spicy, flavorful with a lot of chillies, garam masala and oil.

That is why if you eat any international cuisine in India you are bound to taste the Indianised version of it rather than the authentic one.
And so, it is only in India that you will have Jain Pizza and Pasta i.e. Pizza and Pasta made without using onion and garlic.

Authentic Chinese food is majorly steamed, blant, and light on flavor. But if you check out the Chinese food menu in India, it is hot, spicy, oily and very very flavorful.

And that is why Indian cuisine remains my favourite kind of cuisine, no matter which part of the world I go to.

Today I am here to share an Indianised Chinese recipe that I stir up, which will give any Chinese restaurants in Mumbai, a run for their money. You know, I am kidding..but you get the point right.
I really really love this one.

Mushrooms 250 grams
Capsicum 1 medium sized
Spring onions 4-5

Garlic 5-6 finely chopped
Ginger 1/2 inch finely chopped
Green chillies 3-4 finely chopped

Cornflour 2 tablespoon
Maida 1 tablespoon
Ginger Garlic paste 1 teaspoon

Soya Sauce, Chilli sauce, Vinegar, Oil, Salt

Wash the mushrooms thoroughly and dry them on a kitchen towel.
Dice the mushrooms, and marinate them in salt and ginger garlic paste for about 15-20 minutes.
Dice the capsicum and spring onions. Separate the greens from the spring onion and set aside.

Now, in a wok heat some oil.
Prepare a batter of cornflour, maida and soya sauce. Dip the mushrooms in the batter and deep fry till mushrooms turn golden brown.

Strain and set the mushrooms aside on an absorbent towel.

In another pan, heat some oil. Add finely chopped green chillies, ginger and garlic and saute for about a minute. Now add the chopped onions and diced capsicums and stir. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes.
Now add the mushrooms, chilli sauce, soya sauce, a few drops of vinegar and stir.

In another bowl, make a batter of cornflour, soya sauce and water and mix well.
Now pour this mixture on the cooked veggies , just enough to coat them.
Stir well. Once the batter coats the veggies well and cooks, garnish it with chopped greens of the spring onions.
Mushroom Manchurian is ready to be relished.

P.S. Picture used for representation purpose only. I do not own the image.


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