Saturday 28 February 2015

Voucher Cloud: A Shoppers Delight

There are many coupon sites available in the market right now and many more such sites are added to the market almost daily.
With so many options, the consumers would be spoiled for choice...don't u think so?
No..that is not the case. Though there are many coupon and deal sites, the number of genuine and reliable coupon sites are so few that they can be counted on the tip of your fingers. very skeptical about such sites and whenever I am approached to review them on my blog, I usually refrain from writing about them.
But then there are a few sites who come across as genuine, and you just want to go ahead and give them their due credit.
VoucherCloud is one such coupon site.

All you have to do is, sign up with Vouchercloud either via Email or Facebook and Vouchercloud makes sure it delivers you best deals available to you locally wherever you are.
Discount coupons that you can use online or coupons that you can print and use in store.

Vouchercloud contains deals from a gamut of categories like Men and Women fashion, Food and Drinks, Travel and Accommodation, Electronics, Health and Beauty just to name a few.

Since I had the opportunity to review this, I decided I would try it first hand.
I had been eyeing a few hand bags on Jabong and Myntra, but wasn't taking the plunge because it was way beyond my budget.
So I decided to first head over to search if Vouchercloud had any deals for these sites.
And I was pleasantly surprised as I saw quite a many interesting deals for Jabong and Myntra.

What Next?
I ordered the below beauties

and saved almost Rs.1000 in total on both the transactions.

All in all, I really loved the experience that this site offered me.
It is easy to navigate, has a clean design, proper categorization, has extensive categories and some amazing deals.

If I have to mention one flip side, then it would be the lack of uniqueness of the deal.
Not all deals are unique to VoucherCloud and you may find some deals that are available on other sites too.

I would definitely recommend Vouchercloud as a site that you should refer to whenever you want to buy anything.


Wednesday 25 February 2015

Old World Charm...!

A wide smile appears on my face, unknowingly, whenever I watch black and white movies. Whether it's a Madhubala and Nargis classic or an Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe flick.
Elegance and grace dominated that era and I so miss it in the recent times.
If there's one thing that brings me close to feeling elegant and graceful, it is definitely a saree.
And nothing can beat the subtle charm that a khaadi or silk saree offers.

When I spotted this khaadi silk saree a few years ago (read 6 years), I instantly fell in love with it. I was shopping for my mom's birthday gift and this saree fit the bill perfectly.
I bought it instantly and gifted it to my mom.
Mom, as always, loved it and thanked me for it.
And as always, a week later she decided that this saree would suit me better and coaxed me into keeping it for myself.
Mom's I tell you...They are the Best.

Watch: Titan Fasttrack
Accessories: Borrowed from SIL
Had worn this saree for dinner at a friends place. This is their cute little son. :)

Friday 20 February 2015


A few weeks ago, when my college friends decided it was high time we catch up, the biggest question that bothered us was ..WHERE?
While the crowded atmosphere of pubs in Mumbai is quite overwhelming, lounge bars in Mumbai can be good option when you want to relax and have a good time.

But the problem with Mumbai Bars is that you end up spending so much money on drinks that you hardly have money left to order real food.
The answer to that was the street food stalls in Mumbai.
Mumbai is a beautiful union of contradictions. It is a place where you find peace in the commotion, where you have sky scraping 5 star hotels on one end and poverty struck slumps on the other.
So, me and my friends  decided that we will first grab some drinks at the Aer Lounge in Worli and then head towards Elco market in Bandra for some street food pet puja.

I call myself the most boring person on this planet. Why?
A person who wears sarees to almost all occasions and refuses to drink alcohol.
If that's not boring ..what is ?
But what is interesting about me is my palate.
I love gourmet as well as street food equally. And that is why this plan was perfect for me.

Aer Lounge is one cool place to be at.
The Four Seasons Hotel's premium rooftop lounge bar is class apart.
Don't be surprised if you bump into the who's who of the glitterati at this place.

Sun Set View From the Aer Lounge

The view from this place is see glimpses of the real Mumbai from here.
While on one end you see the Haji Ali Dargah and skyscrapers of South Mumbai; on the other you see the Dharavi slumps.

Flying High - My Drink

 While my friends ordered some interesting looking colourful drinks, me being the boring kind ordered Flying High, which is a mocktail made from coconut syrup, hazelnut, coffee and vanilla ice-cream.  (slurp)

 And since our tummies had already started growling, we decided to order some cheese quesadilla.
While the quesadilla was good, we seemed to like the complementary roasted spicy peanuts more.
We are such a sucker for free food. (lol)

The ambience of this place was so chilled and relaxed that we didn't want to leave this place, but we had to, to conclude the second part of our plan.
Binging on Street food.
We reached Elco market in about 45 minutes and saw hoards of people gorging on yummy paani puris.
We found ourselves a vendor and off we went on a paani puri marathon.
And on it went...
After gulping down atleast a dozen paani puris, we decided it was time to stop.

Even a small walk to the cab driver seemed like miles with our bursting tummies.

This date with my friends was so much fun.

Catching up with college friends after almost a decade, was the best thing we had done.

We laughed we gossiped, we hogged and we had fun.
When it was time to say goodbye, we all got emotional. We had relived so many beautiful moments for the last few hours.
We were sad, we had to leave, but what made us feel better, was that we were hopeful for another reunion.


Tuesday 17 February 2015

Semi Formal Wear - A Photo Journal

After sharing my Photo Journal of Formal Wear from my last work trip, I am back to share pictures of my Friday Wardrobe.
My Journal Of Semi Formal Wear is dominated by monochrome and prints.
Spots, Geometric, Aztec, Chevron, Polka Dots and Chequered, I have them all covered. :)
You will see minimal hints of colour here and there, but my defense, atleast I tried.
So what do you think?
Which one is your favourite look?
Top: Walmart   Denim: Deal  Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai
Top: Macy's,  Denim: Deal  Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai
Dress: Belt: Colaba Causeway, Shoes:Local Shop in Mumbai

Top: Tommy Hilfiger  Denim: Deal  Shoes: Walmart

Dress and shoes: Local shop in Mumbai
Top: Ross  Denim: Local shop in Mumbai, Shoes: Walmart

Sunday 15 February 2015

So-Saree Readers Speak - Priyanka

Hey guys...we are back again after a short break with one of my favourite segment...The So-Saree Readers Speak Segment.

After all, a little bit of compliments and encouragement never hurt anyone.
Today's featured reader is a dentist by profession.
Gosh..I am already visualizing her drilling teeth with her sensuous saree on.

That's just never mind.
Over to you Priyanka....

When I was young, I would see my mom drape these really beautiful sarees and the ethnicity of the saree would always make me fall in love with our Indian culture all the more. My love for saree grew even more when I got my first very own saree. That was for my 10th standard farewell :)
I love wearing sarees for special occasions. I own a few of them and everytime I wear a saree it makes me feel more beautiful and Indian.
I feel So-Saree is a very good platform, especially for all the young girls out there who still think that wearing and carrying a saree is one big task!!! The varied amount of sarees and the awesome experiences shared by all the girls, I am sure would help a lot many :)

Dressed traditionally in my favourite saree..Paithani

Thank you Priyanka..You look absolutely smashing in those sarees. And I have serious crush on your Paithani.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Bandhani Saree at Chino Hills

In my last trip to California I had the opportunity to visit the Swami Narayan Temple at Chino Hills, CA.
Opportunity because, never in my life have I seen a structure as beautiful and gorgeous as this.
A detailed post on it
 will be posted in the So-Saree in America Series, but I had to share what I wore there.
If you haven't guessed it already, I wore a saree. And very predictably I was the only one wearing a saree there and I thoroughly enjoyed all the attention I got. ;)
The saree is a beautiful bandhani silk saree bought from Rajasthan.
I wanted the saree to enjoy its moment of glory, and decided to go minimal with accessories.
A pair of earrings from and a statement ring picked up from the streets of Mumbai was all I needed.

Do you like this look?

Saree: Some shop in Jaipur

Earrings: Youshine   Ring: Colaba Causeway
Watch: Titan Fasttrack

Monday 9 February 2015

Formal Wear - A Photo Journal

On my last work trip to the USA, I decided I would maintain a photo journal of my daily outfits.
But severe jet lag and sheer laziness on my part, left this exercise incomplete.
I managed some ...and I am glad I did.
In today's post I will share pictures of my formal wear and in the next my casual ones.

This journal made me realize I need to add more colour to my outfits.
What do you think?

Top: Macy's, Trousers: Henny, Shoes: Walmart
Dress: ROSS, Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai

Top: Macy's , Trousers: Henny,   Shoes: Walmart

Top: JC Penny    Trousers: Henny    Shoes: Walmart

Top: Macy's,     Trousers: Henny,    Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai

Top: Shoppers Stop,   Trousers: Henny,  Neckpiece: Macy's  Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai

Dress: Allen Solly   Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai

Tuesday 3 February 2015 - It's a Dreamy Affair

I come from a generation that grew up watching Disney movies. The magical and romantic movies had castles, stallions, a prince charming and a princess.
The handsome, kind and noble prince would sweep the princess off her feet and they would elope on their noble stead to a land far far away where they lived happily ever after.
Being a hopeless romantic, the hunky dory endings often left me teary eyed. But what attracted me more to these movies were the dresses the princesses worn.

The flowing gown, the lacy trails, the smooth satins and the perfect cut of the female protagonist’s dresses often left me green with envy.
I often dreamt of adorning one such gown and dancing all night with the love of my life.
With time, I outgrew my addiction for romantic movies and prince charming. But what I couldn’t forego was my obsession for those feminine, flowing gowns and dresses.
I always kept looking for that perfect dress which was not only elegant but also the perfect fit and cut.
Unfortunately all my search would end up at designer stores where the price tags would even make the Prince Charming from movies rethink his dating options. ;) Jokes apart..I could never really find my perfect dress even though I had found my prince charming.

Thank God to globalization and e-commerce, I came across a site that specializes in wedding and prom dresses only.  And I was surprised to find that their price tags were absolutely affordable. is a site with a difference.
They have a dress for every occasion. Prom Dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses or just a dress for a special occasion. They have a dress for everyone, for every occasion and for every budget.
And since pictures speak louder than words, I am going to leave you with some of my favourite picks.


Though nothing can beat the elegance of flowing floor length gowns, the girly knee length dresses have a different charm all together. Below are my dresses from

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and give your story a perfect fairy tale ending with these gorgeous dresses.



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