Sunday 29 June 2014

Say It With Diamonds - Courtesy Kama Jewellery

Last Saturday I attended the launch of Kama Jewellery's latest diamond collection hosted by the lovely Parimita Chakravorty of MumbaiGloss.
The invite said, A #DateWithDiamonds.
Now who could refuse that?

I HAD TO GO...! :)

The event was organized to launch the new and yet to be named diamond collection by @Kama Jewellery. And the best part, they decided to let the bloggers name it. How interesting is that!!!

It was such a fun and informative evening.
We browsed through the Kama Boutique in Mumbai, where we experienced Kama's detailed and fine craftsmanship first hand. We visited the Kama Diamond Factory, where we witnessed the step by step process involved in the crafting of that one perfect piece of your Diamond Jewellery.

And then the unveiling of the new collection.

The new collection was straight out of a dream. The exclusive jewellery featuring Asschers, Emeralds and Cushion Cut Diamonds set in 18 carat white and yellow gold, spelled old world charm meets modern glamour.
The use of cushion cuts diamonds gives the jewellery a vintage appeal while the seamless assimilation of yellow diamonds in this collection give it a modern and classy twist.

According to me, this is a collection for the real woman...
one who is modern yet traditional,
who is independent yet naive,
who is content yet demanding.
I perceive this collection as a beautiful marriage of contradictions.

Hence, I name this collection:
Indrani - For The Goddess In You.
Indrani, The Goddess of endless beauty and jealousy.
The immortal, independent daughter of an Asura and beautiful wife of the King of Gods - Indra, Indrani was a real woman.
She was not always forgiving and benevolent as you would expect a Goddess to be.
She was strong, powerful and did not shy away from portraying her dark side. In fact she took utmost pride in it. It is her contradicting nature and features that make her someone you can empathize with.

The USP of the collection is its versatility.
Wear it on a saree or with a little back dress, be ready to make some heads turn and invite some green eyes.
The collection has something for everyone... Something for a corporate meeting, a high tea party or a wedding reception.

The collection consists of elaborate designs for the special occasions as well as classy minimalist designs for your everyday wear.

Now, some of my favourite picks from the collection.
Couldn't resist myself from trying them on.

Perfect for daily wear.
Cushion Cut Diamond necklace on a saree...Need I say more???
Flaunting some serious arm candy...Perfect for High Tea Parties.

Tell me which one is your favorite.

For more details about @KamaJewellery and the collection click here.
You can also connect with Kama on Facebook and Twitter.
This post is my entry for the #BloggersContest hosted by Kama Jewellery. If you like this post, please make sure you click on the below link and vote for me. :)

Friday 20 June 2014

So-Saree Readers Speak - Dhriti

Our next Reader to share her love for So-Saree is Dhriti Harpalani.
Hi Aditi,
I visited your blog (again) today with an intention of getting an inspiration :) Since quite a few days I am planning to start writing. But I think, I am not yet there. I think I am in the process of making up my mind ;) That day will come soon - I guess am too lazy to start.

Moreover I loved your blog posts that I have read so far and that made me write an email to you :) I saw the polka dots nail art on the blog and thought of sharing a few pictures of my nail art I did a few years ago :)
I thought of emailing you about my thoughts after reading your blog. Thanks for being an inspiration!
And this is me in a saree playing cricket. :)
If you thought walking in a saree was tough, draw some inspiration from Dhriti, who's playing cricket in a saree. How cool is that!!!

Thanks Dhriti for all the kind words. And I love your nail art too. It's simple and elegant, and easily do-able.
I thank you for inspiring my readers as well as me.

And thank you once again for following So-Saree.

Monday 16 June 2014

A Beautiful Drive in California

After we had soaked our senses on the sands and waters of Huntington Beach, we still had a lot of time at our disposal. So Husband decided to drive me through the beautiful places in and around Corona Del Mar.
I was too tired to walk and the cold weather was kind of getting on my nerves.
So enjoying the beautiful view from our car was the best option that we zeroed down on.

Hope you enjoy the pics, as much as I enjoyed the drive. :)

And this is what I wore that evening. I am sure no one really cares...but what the heck. ;)

Tuesday 10 June 2014 Giveaway for June

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Friday 6 June 2014

So-Saree at Huntington Beach!

The long drive at Pismo Beach had tired us. (read husband, coz he drove for more than 8 hours bothway, while I was dozing off beside him.)
So we decided to take Sunday a little lighter, and visit nearby places.
Our first stop - Huntington Beach.
My freezing experience at the Pismo Beach had made me wiser. So I was at the beach, dressed like an eskimo, surrounded by people dressed in their tinniest of swim wear. (sigh)

When you are in California you are in Beach Heaven. Every beach is so beautiful, so serene, so soothing....And Huntington Beach was no different.
Go ahead and see for yourself.
Yes..I actually did that..! (silly grin)

Sunday 1 June 2014

So-Saree at Pismo Beach - Part 3

We are back to Our America Series....After a short break.

After catching up on some mid air fun, it was time to have some rash driving fun.
Oh no..I am not propagating driving rashly on the roads.

But if you are at Pismo Beach and you do not ride some mean ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles), you are probably missing a lot.
This was again my first time riding an ATV, and though I was reluctant and scared in the beginning, I took over in no time.

Driving ATV's on the sand dunes alongside Pismo Beach in the freezing and windy weather was a one of a kind experience.
Our vehicles kept on sinking deep in the sand and we kept falling off.
But this is the most fun, I have had in a long long time.
See You Soon Pismo..!

We called it a day with some yummy Thai food at Bunn Thai Bistro.                                 
 The ambiance was gorgeous, the staff was pleasant and the food was good, and though the desert was a winner hands down, it was the company of good friends that made our day even more memorable.
Table napkins: Love the presentation
The Hero: Fried Banana Balls with Ice Cream.


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