Friday 29 March 2013

Masaba@LFW 2013

Yes...It's Masaba Again! (I am sure as you scroll down, you wouldn't blame me.)

If you thought Masaba exhausted her creative skills on the Satya Paul Line, think again.
What she did for her Signature Line, leaves me astonised and panting for more.
Her knack of transforming Everyday Objects into 'Piece of Art' reached a notch higher.

If last season was Cows and Cameras, this season make way for Roses and Table Fans.

The Vintage Table Fan Print. :*
 The Tulip Print
The Rose Print
Sheer Pants..I Love them.
 Sheer Tunics worn on Sarees. Unbelievable!! :*
Love the Thigh High Slit.

The Show Stopper: Parineeti Chopra
in Ring of People Print.
The Designer and Her Muse.

Using Sheer in her Collection, she literally interpreted "Sheer Genius".


P.S. I am not the kind who follows Fashion Weeks and Red Carpet Events, but for Masaba..I do make an exception. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own the images used in this post.

Monday 25 March 2013

Masaba@Satya Paul.

Masaba Gupta..
A few years ago, I only knew her as the daughter of cricketer Vivian Richards and actress Neena Gupta.
But she caught my attention when Sonam Kapoor wore a Masaba Saree for the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. I started to google about her, and following her work. I had joined Masaba's endless list of fans.
In a very short span of time, Masaba established her name as one of India’s most promising new designers. She is known for her preference of organic fabrics which she enhances with classic weaves, patchwork and vibrant colours.
I can go on and on about her, but I think, it's just better if you google about her.
A few months ago, when I read the about Masaba Gupta being appointed as the Fashion Director at Satya Paul, I was so happy and even shared this news on FB. Most were amused and did not understand why I was being happy on her appointment... I didn't bother to explain then...!
A 24 yr old woman being apointed as the fashion editor of a 27 year old brand, was in itself a big feat.
But today I wish to post the reason for my happiness..! Scroll down and see for yourself.

Lipsticks, Phone Booths, Neon..!
Sheer genius..and I am not a little surprised why Satya Paul chose Masaba.

The wisest decision ever made.

Disclaimer: I do not own the images used in this post.

Monday 18 March 2013

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Have a Nice Day.
P.S. If you like the above pic, chk this out.

Friday 15 March 2013

Bindi Nail Art..!

It's no secret that I am crazy about Nail Art..!

But what you woudn't know, is that inspite of my love for Nail Art, I can get really stingy while buying supplies for my nail art.
There..I have said it.. ! And I am not ashamed of it..!
And that is exactly why, I still do not own any of the fancy or even primary nail art tools. (Though I am thinking it's high time, I invest in some basic tools. But that will be a topic of discussion
for another post.)

Anyways, in my free time, I am always thinking what I am going to do for my next nail art. And this is what I did not long ago.
While cleaning my dressing table, I had come across, a lot of old bindi packets which I was never going to use. And I decided to use them in my nail art.
Smart na..? I was pleased with the result.
I then visited some local shops to see, if they sold any nail art stickers, and they cost quite a lot.
Obviously I was not buying them (not yet atleast), I was just too pleased I had found some good stick on's at home, for free. Am sure, you do too, so go ahead and try them on.

For the nail art, I again used a Red VOV nail paint, bindis and a finishing coat.
Pineapple-Ish is hosting a Women's Day Contest and giving away really cool prizes.
Check this for more details.
Unfortunately, today is the last day, so please send your entries, before it's too late.
I have sent mine today. Better late than never. :)

Monday 11 March 2013

Haldi Kum Kum..!

No I am not talking about Heidi Klum today. ;)
[Me and my Bad Jokes...LOL..Never Mind..!]

Today's post is an extension of the post I did on Makar Sankranti.

Haldi Kum Kum literally means Turmeric and Vermillion.
While the one, I am writing about today is a social gathering in which married women exchange haldi (turmeric) and kumkum (vermilion powder), as a symbol of their married status and wish for their husbands' long lives.
(Still wonder, why Indian traditions do not have any festivals/rituals where men pray for their wives long lives..! Never Mind..!! Coz that does not stop me from celebrating this festival.)

In Maharashtrian culture, this is an important ritual followed by married women, and it's not at all mandatory, strictly voluntary. As a kid I really loved attending Haldi Kum Kum ceremonies and I joined my mom wherever she went.

Before, I begin on how I do this, let me again remind you, this may not be the most correct way of doing Hadi Kum Kum. But this is how my mom did it, and I follow suit.
Haldi Kum Kum is an event which is hosted by married women and is an extension of the Makar Sankranti Festivities.
Apart from exchanging Haldi Kum Kum, Til Laddoos and Sugar Candies, there is something else that is given away as part of the ceremony.
Generally ladies are free to choose the item to be given away, which can be anything like:
> Beauty item:Bindis,earrings, hair clips, nail paints, etc
> Daily household items: Containers, Spoons, dishes, etc
> Grocery items: Tea Packets, Sugar, Jaggery, Ghee,etc.

But while hosting the Haldi Kum Kum ceremony for the first five years post marriage, the give away items are fixed. (Again, there is no hard and fast rule, and no one can sue you for not following it.)

Year One: Haldi Kum Kum only
Year Two: Green Glass bangles
Year Three: Hair Combs
Year Four: Mirrors
Year Five: Brass Diyas. (Mom says that the fifth year giveaway item used to be a gold plated bead, but with the prices of gold touching the sky, people must have switched over to cheaper forms of metal.)

This was my third year hosting this event, and I wanted to share a few pics with you.
Hope you like them.

The container holding the Haldi Kum Kum

The Sugar Candies
The Til Laddoos
Hair Combs:The Giveaway item
Haldi Kum Kum in a Fancy package.
 This is how I packed the Laddoos, Sugar Candies, and Haldi Kum Kum for ease of carrying.
The Haldi Kum Kum Items decide to pose for So-Saree

That's the Saree I wore that evening.

 Have a nice day. :)


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