Friday 31 January 2014

Saree Inspiration_Priyanka Gandhi

Though I have always claimed that So-Saree is a Blog Not Just About Sarees, but then.. I can't deny the fact that Saree is my favorite piece of clothing, and I just can't get enough of it.
So every now and then, you will see saree posts on the Blog, whether you like it or not.
On So-Saree, you have already seen how the West wears it, how our Goddesses wear it, and how my Friends wear it.
Now have a look at how our political figures wear it.
Short Hair and a Saree. Isn't that the deadliest combos ever??? :)

Priyanka Gandhi is the great grand daughter of Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru-The First Prime Minister of Independent India, grand daughter of Indira Gandhi-The First and only Female Prime Minister of India and daughter of Rajiv Gandhi- again a Prime Minister of India.
In spite of such a strong political background, she has stayed away from politics for all these years. Her political stints are limited to her pre-election rallies for the Indian Congress Party.
But, today I am not here to discuss her political career or views. I am here to appreciate her choice of sarees. Scroll down and see for yourself.

From the pictures above, you will clearly see her love for hand loom sarees which she has definitely inherited from her classy Grand Ma - Indira Gandhi. I am so much in love with her simple and sophisticated choice of sarees, that I had to do this post.
So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thursday 30 January 2014


I had read an article long time ago, about tooth tattoos. And though I admit that I like reading and learning about the latest fashion trends, this was one trend that I did not like..(wait ..that's too mild a word)...I absolutely hated it.
I mean how far can one go to look different and stand out in the crowd.
I admit I do not know much about fashion, but Tooth Tattoos...?? Seriously??
 When I saw the pictures of tooth tattoos, with blurred vision they looked like tooth decay, or like some food particles stuck on the tooth. But then again it is my personal opinion and there are many others who may beg to differ on this point.
And then why not?? Like I always say... KAL HO NA HO..!
Do it, if You like it..! Do it if it makes You happy..!
But don't do it for anyone/anything else!
Tooth Tattoo of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. That was cute. But never on my tooth.

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P.S. This is a pre-scheduled post.

I do not own the images used in this post.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Spit it Out!

I do use this phrase a lot... Lot more than you would expect.
Anxiety does that to me. Sometimes..or maybe all the times.
As much as I use this phrase, I hate the literal translation of it. Especially if you are at public places.
Come on people. Why and what makes you spit in public places? While walking, while sprinting, while chatting or just that spitting. You don't care where you are, with whom you are just don't seem to care.
Didn't they teach you in school...Spitting spreads diseases.
And still...?

Its atrocious. I seriously don't understand such people.
Whenever I see such people, I I wish, I had a super power. A power by which I could make the spit bounce back on the face of those letting it out. Cool na? (wicked smile)
That would be a really nice sight.

I had come across an article on the London News, and thought of sharing a few snippets with you along with my Vishesh Tipni aka Special commentary.

London News: "Spitting, like smoking, is essentially a social habit which can affect the health of others. People spit for many reasons, not just because they need to, but because it makes a statement.
So-Saree Speaks: Statement??? Seriously?? Who are you kidding??

London News: "In some social groups spitting is regarded as a mark of 'cool'. Young boys spit to emulate football and athletic stars who spit after intense aerobic exercise when it is difficult to swallow.
So-Saree Speaks: Cool??? I would much rather lock myself in a refrigerator.

London News: "But in countries like India and China, which have high rates of TB, spitting is not a social statement - it's simply the accepted way of clearing the throat and getting rid of excess saliva.
So-Saree Speaks: Eeeeuuw...!

London News:Both countries have initiated major anti-spitting drives and hope public education or onthespot fines will deter culprits."
So-Saree Speaks: Thumbs Up for that..!

And now for those who don't care to read what we write here. Enjoy the pics. ;)

I again used VOV nail polishes for this nail art. Blue and yellow looks really good together. don't you think so?:) I used a toothpick to make those yellow stripes. {Yup..still no nail art tools. :)}
Hope you like it.

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P.S. This is a pre-scheduled post coz I had to travel to California for work. My next post will also be a pre-scheduled one, and I wont be accessing any social media forums for a few days. But I want you guys to keep coming back to So-Saree, coz I am trying my level best to keep this blogathon going, and I need your support. For the later part the blogathon will continue.. but from a different country, and the spirit shall remain unchanged.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

So-Saree Readers Speak_Sonal

It's time for So-Saree Readers to speak again.
I am seriously loving this too much.
Such compliments, such great saree pics are making me feel humbled and happy too.
Plus, it is also taking away some stress from me regarding coming up with new posts everyday. ;)

The So-Saree Reader who features here today happens to me my husband's cousin, who is an ardent follower of So-Saree and does not fail to leave really sweet and encouraging comments on our posts and FB page.
Thanks Di..I appreciate all your encouragement .
Sonal Shah
Hi Aditi,

First of all congrats on your Blogs 1st Anniversary. :-)

Let me tell you I am not at all a Saree lover... wearing a Saree is still a big task for me even after I have become a Mother of two cutie pies...:-) On rare occasions, I do manage it somehow.
But I really appreciate your love for Sarees. Because you never miss to wear it whenever you get an opportunity.
The latest example would be, my daughter's 5th was a simple occasion. ..but you graced it by wearing a beautiful Saree. ...You are doing a great job by posting new and different topics on your blog and inspiring people especially like me to develop an interest for Sarees. ..
Sonal Di with her two beautiful kids.
I just want to conclude this by wishing you and your blog All The Best and keep up the good work. :-) Also thanks for giving me this opportunity to feature here....God bless you. 
Thanks so much Sonal Di. You look beautiful, and the kids look super cute.
I have always appreciated your support and today I am humbled too.
Sonal Di's testimony is prrof that I Practice What I Preach.
Now that's what I call an Ethical Blogger??? ;) 
What do you think?
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P.S. In case anyone wants to feature in the So-Saree Readers Speak Section, do drop me an email on 

Monday 27 January 2014

Inspired By Nikhil Thampi.

Hello everyone ..
Did you know, that So-Saree gets maximum views whenever we do a nail art post?
That gives me one more reason to blog about them. :)
The So-Nails section on So-Saree is my favorite too, and to those who complain that I don't post my pics on the blog, thanks to this feature, at least you get to see my hands. ;)

Today's post is very special. Because it's inspired by one of my favorite designers.
Nikhil Thampi.
I am sure this man needs no introduction but to those who don't know about him..Plz help yourself.
Jokes apart..Nikhil Thampi is a name that has become synonymous with sophisticated elegance. He has been making a lot of heads turn on and off the ramp. If you have been following So-Saree's Facebook Page, you would know exactly, why we are so crazy about him. Thanks to him, most of our celebrities do not have to fret over, what to wear for red carpet events and this.. from a person who has no formal training in fashion.
And since I couldn't hide my admiration for this man any longer I decided to create a nail art using Nikhil Thampi's very famous fish motif.
The Inspiration. 
My weak attempt at recreating it.

I received this Mug from Kazo coz I won a Giveaway on Debi's Blog.
This is my Tiger Paw Pose. But my husband prefers to call it the Road-Side Beggar Pose.(lol)

I created the fish motifs using Nail Art Sketch Pens, and nail colours by VOV.
While it might take me a few more years until I actually bring a Nikhil Thampi home, this nail art enabled me to own a piece of NT without much ado. Wot say?
Hope you like it.
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Sunday 26 January 2014

So-Saree Anniversary Guest Post_Mani Matters

Our next guest post is from a bloggers who is not only my friend, but is also related to me.
Manisha of Mani Matters is married to my husband's cousin and so officially is my Sister-in-law. 
I let her take teh centre stage now.

Hello Buddies! I am Manisha, blogger of ManiMatters.  I mainly blog about nail art  and occasionally do product reviews. I am glad Aditi gave me an opportunity to do a guest post on her lovely blog. 

Lemme share few things about Aditi. Aditi is a sweet, bubbly, helpful, creative and stylish gal. I met her at her wedding couple of years back but we couldn't interact much coz she was busy in the rituals. We are the only 'Marathi Bahus' of our family :). Both of us are close relatives but more than that we are good friends.  In fact Aditi was my inspiration for coming up with a blog. Thank you for all the support Aditi and Congratulations on successfully completing a year of blogging. That in itself is an achievement. Keep up the good work and Good luck for the future!!!
Coming to today's post, any guesses??
Yes it had to be nail art dedicated to So-Saree's first blog anniversary. 

Isn't it pretty? :)
For this mani, I chose light pink as the base. Once the base color was dry, I free handed confetti on my index and pinky nails using pink, lavender,blue, orange,green polishes. Then added '1' to mark first blog anniversary.
 On my middle nail. I stamped a pattern from Cheeky stamping plate CH16 and free handed 'S' - So-Saree logo. Then on my thumb I used pink and blue polish to stamp cupcakes from Cheeky stamping plate CH16 and then added dots with green,orange,lavendar polishes. On my accent nail, I stamped chocolate and lollipop design from my Cheeky plates CH9 and CH 6 and added pink dots.
Finally added  SV top coat to seal the design.
 Thank you so much Manisha. You are such a sweetheart. This post will always be very close to my heart, because you not only customized a nail art for our anniversary, but also flaunted it for one whole week on your nails.Love you.

Manisha blogs on Mani Matters and you can follow her on Facebook here.

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Hope You Follow Us On Facebook!
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Saturday 25 January 2014

A Little About Me..!

It's been long since I wrote about myself, and a little bit of self admiration wouldn't hurt anyone. And you have to excuse me, coz I am blogging every day, so sometimes, even I can run out of topics.
In this post which I did almost 10 months ago, I had mentioned little unknown facts about myself.
So I thought why not add to this list and get over with today's post. ;)
So where was I...?

1) Though I have a degree in Advanced Accountancy and Finance, I run a tiny IT (Information Technology) firm in Mumbai with my husband. The one thing that got me attracted to this venture was, that I would head the Content Writing Team. So I quit my job and joined him. Smart proposition Husband.;)

2) I am a Maharashtrian married to a Kutchi.

3) I prefer to splurge on vacations rather than buying expensive jewellery.

4) My US visa was finally approved a month ago, after being rejected twice. More on the visa story later.

5) One dance form that I want to master before I die, is Belly Dancing. (sheepish grin)

6) I worship Oprah Winfrey.

7) I weighed 80 kgs when I was in first year of college, and was 60 kgs at the end of my third year of college. I have till date maintained that weight. Don't know if I should be happy about that, coz I m still 5 kgs over my ideal weight.

8) Though I love to follow brands, I hardly buy branded stuff. Last anniversary when my husband said he wanted to buy me a Satya Paul Saree, I refused saying I could buy 2 Kanjeevaram sarees from Nallis in that price. Stingy..I know..!;)

9) My first crush was Salman Khan after I saw Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun. The latest one:_Hugh Jackman.:)

10) is my favorite blog till date, while Elm Street Life comes a close second.

Hope you enjoyed reading this list. I did for sure...!;)

Thank you for reading and keep in touch coz So-Saree is blogging non-stop for a whole month.

Friday 24 January 2014

Quick Dessert Recipe_ Snowball Surprise

Step 1:Take a rasgulla, squeeze the juice out of it and place it in a bowl.

Step 2:Now take some vanilla icecream in a another container and beat it with a spoon in order to melt it at room temperature. Once you have the vanilla ice-cream in liquid form, pour it in the bowl containing the rasgulla. 
Step 3: Now grate some chocolate on top to garnish it.
Step 4: Now refrigerate it for 2-3 hours to set it. Do not put it in a Deep Freezer.
And are done.
Snowball Surprise is ready to be relished.
The squeezed rasgullas absorb the liquified vanilla ice-cream to give it a different flavor and texture.
This dessert can be quickly made, tastes yummy and looks tempting as well.

This is one of the coolest recipes that I have come across and the person behind creating it is none other than my SIL, meaning my husband's cousin-sister.
About a year ago, when we had been to her house for dinner, she brought out this yummy looking dessert from the refrigerator, and she simply refused to answer what it was when we asked her. She just wanted us to taste it and guess what it was. Well, we tasted the vanilla ice-cream, we tasted the chocolate scrapings on the top, but what was that one ingredient.. that was soft, creamy and really yummy?
Finally, when we all gave up, she spilled the beans and revealed the main ingredient.
We love it too much, and try to put it together whenever we make rasgullas at home.

Go ahead and try it. I am sure you will like it.

Thank you for reading and keep in touch coz So-Saree is blogging non-stop for a whole month.
And Twitter Too!
P.S. The name Snowball Surprise was recommended by my Father-in Law. :)

Thursday 23 January 2014

So-Saree Anniversary Guest Post_Mummy N Heels

It's another guest post from one of my Blogger friend Nisha. When I told her that it's So-Saree's Anniversary, and I would like her to do a guest post, she readily agreed to do this post for me in a Saree.
Thank you Nisha. You are a sweetheart.
Nisha sent this virtual cupcake for So-Saree's Anniversary. Aaww..!

A very Happy Blog-Anniversary to you Dear!
"So-Saree" is not just about sarees. But today I am here to talk about Saree. I was excited when Aditi asked me to do a guest post, that too featuring something that I am really fond of.
Saree is universally accepted as the sexiest piece of clothing. If draped appropriately, it gives you the much required oomph!
I have been a fan of Saree since my early teens. This 6-meter fabric has always impressed me and never let me down on any occasion.
Don't know how, but draping a Saree came naturally to me. Be it cotton, chiffon, net, crepe, tussar, silk, chanderi or georgete, I love how each fabric had its own charm and how it gracefully falls on the person wearing it.
The majestic saree has undergone drastic changes over the course of time and I am so loving it.
Dhoti sarees- Help you achieve the Indo-Western Look.
Lehanga Sarees- Is a perfect mix of modern & contemporary style. It's stylish, ready to wear & hassle free!
Energizing the saree revival are a handful of young designers like Masaba Gupta, Shiven & Naresh, Gaurav Gupta and Amit Agarwal. They are reinterpreting the millennia-old grab for a new generation of stylish women.

In the pics below, I am wearing a Georgette Saree which I got from Jaipur. It has beautiful gota work done it by the local craftsmen and I love its color.

Nisha and her Husband posing together.

Thank you so much Nisha for this post. You look gorgeous in that Saree, and that gota work is simply awesome. I really love the way you have styled it. Way to go girl.

Nisha blogs on Mummy N Heels. Do check her blog out.

So-Saree's First Anniversary Celebrations are still on. And we are blogging non-stop for a whole month.
So keep coming back.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

So-Saree Guest Post_The Zing Of My Life

Thank you Aditi for giving me this opportunity to do a guest post on your blog! And congrats on your first blogiversary! It's an awesome feeling and kudos for doing the one-month blogathon..more power to you girl! I am so happy to be doing a guest blog post on Saree, I can't tell you :)

For long as I remember, I have been in love with donning a saree. I still vividly remember being a four year old, draped in mom's saree and flaunting it around.  As I grew older, my love for saree grew stronger. I would look forward for every small occasion to wear it. I had matching blouses stitched for mom's kanjeevarams, and heavy border sarees. I got a hang of draping the saree from quite early one. I can drape a saree in less than 10 minutes, and chiffons and silk sarees are the easier ones to drape than the heavy kanjeevarams or brocade sarees. 

Coming back to recent times, I don't get to dress up in saree as much as I would. Living in the US, there are really one or two times in the year when you can dress up in your Indian fineries. Its usually during Diwali or Dassera or a Marathi Mandal celebration. I miss wedding seasons in India, so dearly I tell you! 
Anyhow, my taste in sarees has moved past the heavy Kanjeevarams to more subtle and soft and elegant chiffon's. The pretty pink saree I am wearing in the post today is one of my recent loves. I actually got it cut and done up at a cloth store in Vile Parle (a suburb in Mumbai). When I first laid my eyes on it, I must admit, I wasn't it's biggest fan but my mum-in-law egged me on to try it. The sales guy helped me drape it and voila..gorgeous did it look! The neonish hue looked in-vogue and the material felt light-n-easy on me. Finding and stitching the right fit blouse is always a challenge when you visit India for less time. Well, good for me ready-made blouses were so in-trend in India and I gave in. The fit is great for a ready-made blouse and there are so many options available that stitching a blouse looks like a passe. I wore this saree for Laxmi-Pooja last year with the perfect traditional accessory there can be - a Maharashtrian Nath!

Well, here's to many more occasions to don the most graceful attire in our Indian wardrobes...Saree!
Thank you so much Ashy. Believe me, out of all your outfit posts, this one is THE BEST one till date. And this is not only because you are donning a saree. I love how you have given this otherwise modern day saree a traditional look with the addition of a Nath. You look like a dream, and your husband is one lucky guy. :)

Visit Ashy's blog: The Zing Of My Life, to get your regular dose of her Zingy Life and lots of fashion inspiration. Her FB page is equally inspiring.

Thank You for Reading and Keep visiting So-Saree, because we are blogging every day for a month.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

The Orange Resolution

I am not the kind of person who makes resolutions for the new year. And even if I do, I am not the kind who reveals them to people around me.
But this year is a bit different.
Considering how lazy I am with following beauty regimes and splurging on expensive beauty products, my dearest sister decided to gift me something. So when she went to London for some work commitment, she bought me these 3 products.
Co-incidently all 3 products are Orange in colour..!In case you haven't noticed. ;)
Though I was not too happy(greedy me), as I would have really loved some cool and stylish dresses and tops; I decided its finally time, that I start doing something for my skin care regime.
So starting this year, I have started using all these 3 products.
As per instructions I use the Bio Oil, twice a day, the Body Wash once a day and the Body Scrub once a week while bathing.
Though I see no evident changes yet, I am just going to be patient (or act so), and wait for 3 months.
After 3 months I promise to do a review of these 3 products for my readers sake.

Till then I pray that I can stick to this regime and start glowing till the end of the 3 months. Fingers crossed.

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Monday 20 January 2014

So-Saree Readers Speak_Part 1

Hello everyone..! It's Day 5 of the So-Saree Blogathon, and I can't believe I am still blogging.
WOW..that feels great.
But what feels even better is when So-Saree Readers leave encouraging and sweet comments on the blog or on our on FB page.
Believe me one of the biggest factor that keeps me going with So-Saree is the comments I receive either by fellow bloggers or by readers in general.
And so I thought, why not give these angels a spot on So-Saree.
So I connected with few of my readers and asked them to share a picture of themselves IN A SAREE OF COURSE and say a few words about So-Saree.
Well.. I didnt tell them to say good things, but ultimately they did.
So, its a Win-Win Situation I say. ;)

So let me just not blabber any more and let the readers enjoy some spotlight.
Bring it on Girls..!
Jaya Ramesh, Sr. Brand Manager, Tata Group
" So Saree!! Heartiest Congratulations on completing a year of blogging Let me tell you, I am not really a blog follower (unless except if its by Robin Sharma or maybe some interesting travel blog) coz most bloggers tend to preach about things they hardly have any authority to speak about
So then what is about So Saree! that got me hooked on to it. Well, firstly the name, coz it clearly suggested this blog is about fashion/lifestyle and that’s definitely an area of interest for me. Secondly was wondering if this blog is going to be only about sarees??? And I am not a big saree fan, so was curious to find out what do we have in store here.
And VOILA!! the blogger took me completely by surprise by writing about things right from fashion, accessories, food, travel, social life, personalities and the likes. The tone was conversational, not even a tad bit preachy. Almost like a slice of life from the bloggers everyday journey. The blogs are refreshing, enriching and completely authentic, pretty much like the gorgeous blogger Aditi.
So yes, that’s the reason why I have become an ardent follower of So Saree!! Look forward to many more interesting blogs and conversations in the year ahead. All the very best to you Aditi! Keep us craving for more and a feather in your cap, your blogs have got me hooked on to sarees too
So Saree!! Keep rocking.

Aawww..thanks are too sweet. I am glad you have taken a liking for Sarees. I feel so happy about it.

Thank you for reading and keep in touch coz So-Saree is blogging non-stop for a whole month. 

Sunday 19 January 2014

So-Saree Anniversary Guest Post_Klassy Style Files!

Friends are Forever!
And me for sure, seems to agree with that a lot.

When the thought of first starting a Blogathon on So-Saree struck my mind, I knew one thing for sure; with my schedule this task is next to Impossible. I most certainly cannot do it alone.
And that is when I decided to call my Gang of Bloggers Friends to do guest posts for So-Saree.
And in spite of the tight time frame that I gave them, they managed to draft guest posts for So-Saree without any complaints but with a lot of love.
Now isn't that really sweet of them?:)

The first Guest post to go live on So-Saree, is by Kalyani of Klassy Style Files.
Kalyani has already featured on So-Saree's list of Fav Mommy Bloggers.
Her style is casual, chic and klassy, and I so relate to her fashion sense.
So without much ado, I pass on the baton to Kalyani.

First of all I'd like to congratulate Aditi on her blogaversary! I think she has done a wonderful job so far in sharing stories and sarees close to her heart :-) I'm really glad I could contribute to this special post.
Unlike Aditi, I was not much of a saree lover, don't get me wrong..I loved the six yards of elegance but just hesitated to style it on myself.. until a while back! My romance with the saree is fairly recent and now I'm so much at ease with it that I tend to surprise myself. When I was in India last year I even managed to design one..and it was an extremely satisfying experience! It started with picking the perfect, most luscious chiffon and shading it with an ombre effect. I then picked an intricate lace in a copper shade for that festive touch and got the blouse made to compliment the saree in style. The compliments flowed in so generously when I sported this self designed creation that I immediately decided I had to expand my saree wardrobe. There have even been requests for more designer sarees..just like mine! So what next? Well, that's another story..!

Thank you so much Kalyani. You look gorgeous in that saree, and I am so motivated to design a saree myself too.
Kalyani blogs on Klassy Style Files, and you can follow her FB page here.

Keep visiting So-Saree, because we are blogging every day for a month.


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