Friday 29 August 2014

What I wore at the #Mardaani Screening

Hey Everyone...I am sure you have already seen pics of me and the other fabulous bloggers who got a chance to meet Rani Mukherjee at a special screening of the film Mardaani at Yash Raj Studios.

But I wanted to document what I wore for this event and so the post. I had decided I would wear a black sheer saree that I absolutely adore, but I changed my plans on the last day.
Because I thought it was better to choose Function over Fashion for this event.
So I decided to put together a functional outfit that is not only comfortable but also stylish.

Black Trousers for the formal element, added in a polka dot top for some fun, a double strand pearl necklace for elegance and red lips for some glamor.

Top: Macy's, Trousers: Shoppers Stop, Pearl Necklace: Local Shop in Mumbai

Ooh...And I forgot to take pics of the bag, so cropped this from a group pic.
Don't be too jealous, it's borrowed from my sister...but someday, I promise.. I will steal it. ;)
Nail Colours used: Sally Hansen's Black Out, White On and Clear Polish. Also used Nail Art stickers.
I also flaunted this monochrome nail art, which I attempted after a long hiatus.

Let me know what you think of this look.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

India Circus by Krsna Mehta: Review

I admit I was in love with their site even before I was approached to do a review for Krsna Mehta's Fabulous Venture India Circus.
Inspired By India with a contemporary Krsna Mehta Twist is how I see India Circus.

Home Decor, personal accessories to fashion apparel, India Circus has it all.

When my India Circus package arrived for excitement knew no bounds. Many of my blogger friends had reviewed their products and were all praises for them.

I had ordered the:

The Owl Howl Mug:
When I saw this mug on their website, I had to order it. Something to do with my owl fetish. :)
So I decided to add it to my owl collection.

Top: Howrah Bridge, Owl Necklace:, Owl Bracelet: Colaba Causeway
The Mug is of a really good quality. I love the fact how the inside of the mug is colored pink. Loved the colors and detailing.

The Funky Transport Ladies Zipper Wallet

I was on a lookout for a wallet for the longest time. And when I saw this wallet, it was love at first sight. Compact, handy yet spacious with a burst of colors. What's not to like in it?

The India Vibrant Jhola Bag
Dress:, Hat and Accessories: Local shop in Mumbai, Footwear: Crocs

This bag takes me to Goa. The crazy yet Indian colors and motifs make it even more interesting with the added glamor of silver straps.
But the thing that makes it a "Winner" is its size. This bag can accommodate all your belongings, and for girls like me who like to carry their world with them, its is nothing but a boon.
You can stuff your cosmetics, water bottle, umbrellas, glares and still have space left.

My Verdict:
  • The packaging is impeccable. I have never seen such proficiency in packaging elsewhere.
  • The quality of the goods at India Circus is outstanding. Even the minutest details are taken care of and that too in style.
  • With the kind of service and quality you get, the pricing is perfect.
  • The website is user friendly and is so stylishly designed.

    All in all...I loved India Circus and wouldn't mind shopping here again and again. 
    Have you shopped from India Circus yet?

    Tip: If you like something on their site, order it now, because their stuff goes out of stock in a jiffy.

Monday 25 August 2014 : Review

I am probably telling you this for the umpteenth time that I am the most technologically challenged blogger you would know.
If you had asked me a few months ago, if I shop online, my answer would have been an instant No.
Till then I didn't even know the concept of Coupons and Deal Codes.
But a very wise man (or so I would like to believe) read husband decided to finally place his hand over my head to pass on his invaluable knowledge and insight about shopping online and using coupon codes to his impertinent Student and/or Wife, whatever you may want to call.
Little did he realize that he was actually digging his own grave.(Evil Grin)

Jokes apart, after I started using coupons for shopping there was no stopping me. Even for the simplest of things I had to buy, I needed my laptop to search for the latest coupons.
My months of research has taught me that it is very essential to get coupons from trusted websites. This is because most websites who claim to be good do not disclose complete information. And there is too much of hidden information which you may fail to understand.

 When I was invited to review CouponzGuru, I was a little skeptical because it was a different site from which I normally shop for coupons. But I decided to give it a try.
The very first thing I did within 5 minutes of seeing the site was order a Dominoes Pizza from a coupon deal on CouponzGuru. 

 Buy 1 Get 1 free. that's a real sign of a Bhukkad. ;)

Now that my food plans were set, I could move on to more serious stuff.
One by one, slowly and steadily I started navigating through the site.
15 minutes later, I was hooked to the site. The more I looked, the more I wanted to see.

CouponsGuru believe in "A Penny Saved is Penny Earned."
I perceive it as Save your Penny to Shop some More. ;)

With an impending travel plan, I decided to check their Coupons.

Their Travel Coupon section is categorized on the basis of Vendors and Service.

First was the Flight booking. I quickly checked out their Domestic Flight Coupons section and was happy to find a deal apt for me in the first 5 minutes. CouponsGuru have deals from the best of travel guides like Yatra, Thomascook, MakeMyTrip, etc just to name a few.

Next came the Hotel Bookings. I visited
Hotels Bookings Coupons and was amazed at the number and variety of options that I came across. I really felt stupid for wasting so much money on hotel bookings in the past. But better late than never.

After I had zeroed down on the best travel deals for me, I decided to explore the site over critically. And this is my review:

First the Positives:
  •  Website Layout: Clean and Easy to browze with appropriate categorization.
  • Updated Deals: In most sites that I have seen, even the expired deals keep showing. I did a random check on CouponzGuru, and all deals were valid and real.
  • Feel: The Feel of the site is user friendly and engaging. 
Now the Negative:
  •  If I have to point out one bad thing about this site then it would be the excessive display of ads on the site. I feel these ads may actually take away its audiences away from the actual website.

Should You Try It? For sure.

Go ahead and give it a try..because I am sure,

Kahin na Kahin...
Koi na koi Deal..
Aap ke liye Bani hain...! :)

Some Deal.. Some Where... Is Made For You. :)

Saturday 23 August 2014

So-Saree Wins

Hey Everyone..
The agenda for today's post is a little bit of Bragging.

But I am just too happy and I don't mind indulging in some self admiration.

So today I am going to list down So-Saree's wins till date.
They may seem small or insignificant to you...but for me, they mean the world.

So Lets start with :

Womens Day contest on Pineapple-ish

When Shreeja of Pineapple-ish announced a contest for Women's Day I was so excited, and I decide to participate.
We were supposed to style ourself to show "How do we feel about being a Woman".
Send in our photographs with few lines about our outfit and the feeling of being a Woman. :)

Guess what..??
I won the First Prize. 
Read my winning entry Here.

Kama Jewellery Bloggers Contest
Of course you remember this one. It was because of you guys that I won this contest. The Winner of this contest was determined by maximum votes. And guess what... Yours Truly won it with a huge margin. Thank you everyone. Read my Winning entry here.

#Mardaani Contest for Blogadda
Certificate signed by Rani Mukherjee
If you follow the social media feeds of So-Saree, you probably know about this one too.
I won the Mardaani contest and got to attend a special screening of the movie Mardaani at Yash Raj Studios and also meet Rani Mukherjee. A detailed post on it will come up soon. Read my winning post here.

First Featured Interview on SmartIndianWomen
This is not exactly a win, but I still want to mention it. My first ever interview was featured on and it was a complete pleasure. Read it here.

Until we meet next time, keep reading So-Saree and thanks again for all the support.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Grilled Spinach Sandwich - Quick Fix Meal Recipe

Hello Everyone.

On popular request, I am posting a quick recipe which is my recent quick fix idea for brunch, lunch or dinner.

So without much ado, let us just get on with the recipe.

A bundle of Spinach or Palak, thoroughly washed and drained.
An Onion and tomato each finely chopped
Few Green chillies finely chopped
Grated cheese
Bread Slices 
Green chutney

Coarsely chop the washed spinach leaves.
Add to it the chopped onion, tomato and chillies.
 Add grated cheese to this mixture, sprinkle in some salt and mix it well.

Apply butter on one bread slice and green chutney on another. Spread the Spinach mixture one side of the bread slice, and place the other slice on it.
Now grill this sandwich in a Sandwich Grill and you are done.

This one is easy peasy and tastes absolutely delicious.
All the veggies being raw, it is nutritious yet tastes awesome.
The health conscious guys can give the cheese a miss and substitute White bread with Brown.

Do try this recipe and let me know if you liked it.

Have a super week ahead.

Tip: The spinach mixture gets soggy very soon, so make sure you make it just before you assemble the sandwich.

Friday 8 August 2014

When in Vegas... Las Vegas at Night

After strolling by the city during the day, we had a filling lunch and retired to our hotel room.
After catching up on some rest, it was time to get ready. In True Vegas style..A little black dress, high heels and red lips. Husband was amused by the effort I was putting up in getting ready, when I would be wearing a long coat over the dress to protect myself from the cold night in Vegas.
But like I always say..there are some things men will never understand.;)

So, we took off for our Vegas tour during the night.

Like I had imagined...It was Magical ..!
It seemed that the city had come to life..and everyone wanted to get a slice of the 'High Life'.
That night, everything was perfect..apart from my heels.
Wearing heels was such a wrong decision. When we reached our hotel, my feet were sore but my thrilled heart compensated for it.
We quickly crawled in our beds. Coz the next morning was going to get even bigger.
Husband had booked a bus tour to The Grand Canyon.
The excitement just refused to die off.
I wondered how I would sleep tonight...!

Anyways, here are some pics of our first night in the magical and flamboyant Las Vegas.

Tropicana - Our Hotel

Back to pavillion..after a long night on the Vegas streets.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

When in Vegas ...Vegas By the Day.

Whoa..that was a long break from Our America Series. But I am hoping, I will be regular from now on...I HOPE..! ;)
So...where was I....?

Our second weekend in America, was booked too. We decided to go to Las Vegas.
I was thrilled. When I told my colleagues of our Vegas plan, they seemed to be more excited than me, and this got me even more excited.
So after I got tired of being excited, the day finally arrived. We had booked an early morning flight to Las Vegas.

We reached quite early and it was broad daylight. We left our bags in our hotel and started touring the city during the day. Everything about this city was just as I had expected.
Big, Flashy and Pompous.
And this was when the fun had not even started.
Seeing Vegas during the day was an experience in itself and I seemed to enjoy every bit of it.
At the Airport
At the Airport
Journey from the airport to our hotel
We are in Vegas..!


Stay Tuned...To see Vegas ..when it comes to life.

Ocrun Activity Of August

To express our gratefulness to all our customers, a special activity will beheld in this month.
Anyone who orders 2 dresses in our store one time at random will be get a piece of lolita bloomers as gift!!
Do not miss this chance :
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You can join

Monday 4 August 2014

Happy Friendship's Day Everyone

Hey guys..Happy Friendship Everyone.
I know I am a little late..but like I say...Better Late than Never.

I think Friendship's Day excites me more than my Birthday....okay that's a little exaggerated...but u get the idea.. right???

I have time and again claimed on my blog about my gorgeous friends and how lucky I am to have them. And though I am a little worried about jinxing my good luck with friends I am ensuring I put a Kala Tikka on all my friends to save me and them from any probable evil eye.

Last year, I had come up with a list of friends from the blog world. And keeping up with the tradition I have decided to post pics of my new and fabulous friends from the blog world that I made over the last year.

So here we go.
Heena of Icynosure
I like to call her my mentor. She doesn't just encourage me, but literally pushes me to test my limits as far as blogging is concerned. I call her any time of the day to bombard her with my blogging queries. She will guide me on how to deal with PR's of Brands and she gets me invited to almost all the interesting events in Mumbai which I unfortunately cannot make up to. I owe her big time and this post is just a little thank you to this wonderful lady. U rock girl...and I hope this post gives me the liberty to harass u a little more.

Richa of Urban Mantra
She is like an angel who watches over you. Encouraging, supportive, inspirational and utterly sweet. We haven't met each other, but I already feel a bond so strong with this gorgeous woman. She likes almost all my updates on So-Saree, votes for me in the bloggers contest unconditionally and is traveling to India soon to meet me. Right Girl? ;) What else would you ask of a friend?

                                                 Oeendree  of The Doc n Diva

Oeendree has featured on So-Saree before and she is no stranger to you. I followed her blog even before So-Saree was born. I was always in awe of her. She was just too beautiful and just too artistic. When So-Saree published its first post, Oeendree was sweet enough to comment and encourage me through her sweet words. This has not changed even today. But was has changed is our girly gossip sessions on FB chat. Right from blogging to everyday whining, we have it all covered. Can't wait for our next chat girl. Miss you too much.

Debi Of Flysongbird
Debi is the coolest girl I have known. She is confident, artsy, fashionable and yet so chilled about all of it. Her writing style is so matured and profound that I always feel she is an old soul trapped in a young body. But the most important of all, she is a friend I trust. A Friend I am so proud to call my own.

Seepika of Savoir Style
I met Seepika through her blog and I just cant believe how well we have connected. I admire her fashion sense and she is sweet enough to keep checking on me and So-Saree through FB or Twitter. Thank you Seepika for being such a wonderful friend, and I so hope we can meet soon.

Rosh ...what should I say about her. Vivacious, chirpy, intelligent and plain gorgeous. She was one of the major reasons why I attended the Kama Bloggers meet. I hate to travel alone, and it was only because Rosh consented to travel with me that I decided I would go to the Bloggers meet. From the moment we met, we were like a house on fire. We just kept talking non-stop throughout the journey. When it was time to depart, we had so much more to talk. Hope we can catch up soon and finally finish all our important conversations.

And finally,

Manisha of Mani Matters
Manisha is Family first and Friend later. She is married to my husband's cousin and we are the only Maharashtrian daughter in laws in our Kutchi family. No points for guessing, we hit it off from day one. Every family function we meet, we take the liberty to royally ignore everyone and chat non stop in marathi. is such a stress buster. Apart from that, she also happens to be the biggest supporter of So-Saree and I can proudly say, that Manisha was sweet enough to allow me to decide the name of her Blog. :)

Here's to all the Gorgeous Ladies, and here's to all the wonderful friends in my Life.
Happy Friendship Day Everyone.


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