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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

From Chandni To English Vinglish – The Effervescent Sridevi

I was in Switzerland recently, and the moment I laid my eyes on the snow-clad Alps providing the most picturesque background to the lush green cow specked slopes, the ever present Hindi film buff “nautanki” in me struggled not to break into a jig with a chiffon draped saree singing “Tere Mere hoton pe mithe mithe geet mitwa”…!
I think all of us girls who are obsessed with the Saree can’t help being head over heels with the Big S-Trinity of Bollywood – Sridevi, Saree and Switzerland. Am I right or what??!!

There is something about the yesteryear leading ladies and the saree that is just so Yin-Yang, that we can’t think of them without being draped in mouth-watering sarees.
Whether it is the gorgeous chiffon yellow saree in Chandni, or the red-hot saree in Jaanbaaz, whether it is the rain-clad blue number in Mr.India or the super elegant simple sarees in English Vinglish – Sridevi managed to create movie history in all of these and many more!!

And yet, just like the age-old clichĂ© about aging wine, Sridevi looks her most gorgeous and delectable self today – still rocking the elegant garment. Take a look below in case you disagree!!




-Gouri Patwardhan
 For So-Saree

P.S. We do not own images used in this post.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Famous Temples of Goa

This year too we had our customary holiday to Goa. Every time we visit Goa, we plan to stay at a different Goa hotels.

Since we were traveling with our family this time, five star amenities, proximity to the beach and yummy food was on our agenda. So we decided to stay at none other than the Park Hyatt Hotel.
Every time, my parents travel to Goa they make sure they visit the famous temples in Goa and so this year we joined them too.

Goa is famous for the beautiful churches and the Portuguese culture.
But did you know about the two iconic temples of Goa.
So in today's post I am going to write about these two beautiful temples.

The Mangueshi Temple
The Mangueshi temple is located in the Mangeshi village in Ponda Taluka of Goa. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Manguesh, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is worshipped in the form of a Shivlinga. He is the Kuldevta of many Goud Saraswat Brahmins.

The Manguesh temple in Goa is almost 450 years old and is a simple but beautiful structure consisting of several domes and pillars.

Did you know that the illustrious musical family of Mangeshkars get their surname from the Mangeshi village?
Deenanath Mangeshkar, the father of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Hridaynath Mangeshkar was a well known Marathi Theatre actor, a Natya Sangeet musician and Indian classical music vocalist.
He was born to Ganesh Bhatt Navathe who served as a priest at the famous Mangueshi Temple in Goa. Since his family had the privilege of performing the Abhishekam ceremony for the Shiva lingam of the Mangueshi Temple since ages, they came to be known by the surname "Abhisheki." But since Deenanath's mother belonged to the Devadasi community of Goa, he did not inherit the surname. He was given the surname "Mangeshkar," which means "of Mangesh."
Now...how interesting is that!

The Shanta Durga temple

Shanta Durga is considered as the Kuldevi of many Konkani Saraswat Brahmin families. The Shanta Durga temple is a private temple belonging to the GSB Community, again in the Ponda Taluka of Goa and is 450 years old too.
Goddess Shanta Durga is the goddess who mediates between Lord Shiva and Vishnu.
In our old scriptures/Puranas, there are references of a battle between Shiva and Vishnu. The battle was so fierce that its effects would be grave, hence Lord Brahma prayed to Goddess Parvati to intervene, which she did in the form of Goddess Shanta Durga.
The idol of Goddess Shanta Durga is shown holding 2 serpents, one in each hand, which are symbolic of Shiva and Vishnu.
So the next time you are in Goa, apart from visiting the gorgeous churches of Goa, make sure you visit these two beautiful and iconic temples of Goa.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

So-Saree Readers Speak - Priyanka G

It's time for another So-Saree Reader feature.
And today we have Priyanka G. sharing her love for sarees and So-Saree along with a story about how she picked the perfect saree for her engagement.
Over to you Priyanka..!

Wow! Thanks Aditi for letting me a part of your blog which I have been reading for so many years. Be Indian or western, formal or casuals, your sense of fashion is superb and elegant. Most importantly it’s sensible and easy to follow for any woman. So-Saree helps me to be updated with new trends in market.

I think any Indian girl/woman loves to see herself draped in a saree more than any other dress. I remember when I was a kid; my mother bought me a ‘Kalpana Saree’ specifically made for kids. I use to wear and flaunt it in style on Dashera, Nag Panchami, Sankranti with suitable accessories to complete the dressing.
Saree is such an apparel that suits any event anywhere in the world. All you need to do is  play a bit with accessories and you are done. For the past so many years, I have been wearing sarees but my most memorable moment happened recently during my engagement. As per Maharashtrian tradition, the bride-to-be gets a green saree from her in-laws which needs to be worn for engagement rituals and ring ceremony. My mother-in-law suggested that my fiancĂ© and I should go together and get a green saree of my choice. I was very sure that I wanted a typical Marathi Mulgi look on this most important event of my life. Accordingly the type of saree, jewelry, make-up and hairstyle was clear in my mind.
So, we both went for shopping two sarees – a green saree and another another one from my maternal side. I explained to the sales person at the saree showroom that I was looking for a Maharashtrian style green color zari saree. Within a few minutes, I had finalised my sarees. A peacock green silk saree with zari border and blue pallu from my in-laws side and another turmeric yellow saree with zari border for the maternal side. Surprisingly my shopping was done in 20 minutes and my fiance was astonished at this feat.
I teamed up my saree with heavy golden jhumkas, choker style necklace, banunath (nose ring) and golden todey (bangles) with green chooda and red chandrakor bindi gave the perfect Maharashtrian bride look I had imagined.
I was nervous as everybody’s eyes were on me and my fiance's relatives and friends were curious to meet his choice. Thank God! My equation of saree and accessories was a hit. My fiance and everybody at the ceremony just couldn’t stop complimenting me. And with this I breathed a sigh of relief.

Priyanka, I have now words to describe how stunning you look. And thanks for all the love and appreciation.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

My Shoping Experience with ToSave.com

I recently came across an eCommerce company that offers variety of products from numerous categories..and at unbeatable prices.
When I was approached for a review of the site and its products, I was really surprised to see their price tags. And immediately assumed that the products might be of a substandard quality.
But my four ears of blogging had made me wiser and immediately at the next moment I decided to not judge the book by its cover and review the website and its services first hand.

I started browzing through the website and picked up a few things I liked.
After placing the order, I went back to my daily chores.
Within a few hours, I received a message about my order being processed and within 3 days, my order was ready to be shipped.
The speed at which my order was being processed, really impressed me, but I had already decided to not jump to conclusions.
A few weeks later my package arrived.

One by one I unwrapped my package and absolutely fell in love with the quality of the products.
The products were exactly as I had seen on their website and the quality was good too.
I had ordered cushion covers, a travel toiletry bag and nail art stamping tools.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience and wouldn't shopping from ToSave.com again.

Also, if you are a fan of hair extensions, do check out this website:Beauty In Hair

Monday, 1 May 2017

Look Perfect with Perfectcutt.com

Hey Guys!!

Today, I am going to talk about a brand I discovered recently and you have already read me gushing about it a month ago on the blog.
PERFECT CUTT is an exclusive plus size ready made clothes & accessories store.

Established in 2015, PerfectCutt has created a niche for itself due to its exclusive range of accessories and international shipping. They manufacturer and supply plus size women garments ranging from size 46-56 and deal in handmade hand embroidered punjabi juttis and box clutches too.
When my order from PerfectCutt first arrived, what first caught my eye was the fine craftsmanship of the clutches. Perfect Cutt hires Zardosi Karigar from Agra who are trained in moti work, bharatkaam and patchwork stitches.

You have already seen how I styled their Taj Mahal clutch in this post.
To see how I styled another gorgeous clutch from Perfect Cutt, scroll down.

Outfit Details:
Saree: Gift from Mom
Clutch: Perfect Cutt
Earrings: Confusion Fashion Accessories
Bracelet: Vintage Desi

Photography by: Deepali Suryawanshi Photography

Thursday, 27 April 2017

AVG – the New Age Samurai

I am an avid traveler and I also love to pen down my impressions and my experiences about the places I visit. The other day I was in a reminiscent mood and started going through all my past escapades and enjoyed having a virtual trip back to all those amazing destinations. So I thought it would be fun to write a mega blog about all my travel blogs!
I rummaged through more than seven-eight years in my database and was able to come up with loads of material. Since my laptop and cell phones are synced, all my photos and articles combined were like a gold medal at the end of a treasure hunt! Excitedly I mentioned my ideas to my husband, and with equal zeal he burst my bubble big time! Very casually he was like “What if some virus infects your cell phone/ laptop and you lose all these precious moments?”

That got me out of my reverie and I panicked...big time!! My cell phone (as like every other human over the age of 11 today!) is my most prized possession – not as much for its actual value but more for what it stores. But then again I don’t think I mentioned anything which you all don’t know already. But in my case, it is not only about the pictures and the videos, but also tons of personal data, which is most certainly irreplaceable. So when I realized that a single wrong click (however unintentional) from my side, and my data would be lost forever – or worse, fall in wrong hands and I am not even that technologically advanced to know or understanding the repercussions.
So again I turned to my husband with a plea for help and he guided me to a magic genie which would guard my data with almost no effort from my side. It was called AVG – an Android Antivirus app - I immediately installed it, and I have to say, even after a few months, have had no issues.
The app is free on Android and in addition to providing security, it also enables locating your lost phone via Google Maps™, kills tasks that slow down your device, monitors & Optimizes battery, storage and data package usage, hides your most-private photos in an encrypted Vault and much more! For more features you can visit www.AVG.com .
In case you still are not convinced, you can always read up more user reviews on the above mentioned link. So what are you waiting for, protect your cell phones with the new age Samurai called AVG...Now!!

-Gouri Patwardhan
 For So-Saree


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