Monday, 29 December 2014

So-Shaadi Special - Engagement Pictures

Hey Everyone..
I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the different Indian wedding rituals.
Since the past few posts were all text heavy, I am going to keep this post, light on text and heavy on pictures.

This 25th of December 2014, I completed four years of married life, and you will be surprised to know that I still haven't shared my wedding pictures on any social media forum.
But this year I decided to make an exception and share it on my blog.
My wedding was a very rushed affair, with very little time to plan.
I wish, I had some more time to plan and execute it. But then, there's always a next time. ;)
Jokes apart..
We had three ceremonies on one day.
8.30 am: Engagement
12.30 pm Wedding
7.30 pm Reception

Phew..can you believe that?
Me..being me..chose saree for all the three ceremonies. I do believe my fashion choices were not as refined four years back, or else the story would have been different all together.
So I am a Maharashtrian married to a Kutchi, and though we had included both the rituals in our wedding, my attire was that of a Kutchi bride.
And so, I chose a simple Kanjeevaram saree for my engagement, and kept the styling, jewellery and make up simple.
The reason for keeping the engagement look simple was because I was having a colourful and flamboyant Kutchi wedding, and I thought it was best to keep my engagement look simple, in line with the simple Maharashtrian wedding look. In fact, I did my own make-up.
Scroll down and see what I wore for my engagement ceremony. 

And now some more pictures from the engagement ceremony.
Next post, will be about my wedding attire. So stay tuned.


  1. WOW!!! Beautiful Saree and beautiful smile! Loved all the pictures!!!

  2. congos on ur wedding anniversary darling!! I was dying to see ur wedding pictures! They are beautiful!!

  3. Your mehendi looks so lovely!! And that saree's beautiful!! <3
    Can't wait for the wedding pictures! :)

  4. I was there in person so got the opportunity to see how beautiful you look on D day. Loved everything right from your mehendi to ring to saree to your make up

  5. happy anniversary dear :) loved the sari color :)

  6. 3 functions in a day! My god! Loved the colour of your saree :)



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