Monday 6 July 2015

Something OLD

This is a purse I own for almost 3 years now. Had purchased it from
The simplistic design, tan colour and the fringe detailing made it a cool and chic choice for all occasions. In spite of wearing this purse everywhere I went, it never made it to my blog. And so, before I finally give it away I wanted it to enjoy its moment of glory and hence the post.

I am so sentimental about everything in my wardrobe. And bidding adieu to them is always with a heavy heart. I am sure every shopaholic, will agree with me on this. :)


  1. But why are u giving it away ! It looks brand new

  2. This is such a nice bag!! Why are you parting with such a beauty?

  3. That's such a lovely bag! Sad that you are giving it away :(

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  4. Such a pretty bag!Hopefully will make the new owner a happy girl!
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  5. Its a lovely bag. Why are you giving it away???



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