Friday 20 May 2016

Book Review: Dronacharya at the Workplace

The Mahabharata remains the most popular epic in India. Be it the childhood stories narrated by mom or granny or the story books that filled the quiet afternoons of summer vacations. Not to forget the immensely popular television serial from the 90’s where one would find deserted roads & bazaars on otherwise busy Sunday mornings. For a typical Indian, at some or other point in our lives we have crossed paths with this epic. But have you tried correlating the situations in the Mahabharata with our day-to-day corporate life? Sounds absurd doesn’t it? How come a day full of spreadsheets & presentations can be compared with archery competitions, battles & family feuds? But when you give it a thought the line of difference seems to be disappearing. Fights over targets in a conference room & that over ownership of land start to look similar though on a very different levels. It’s often said that Mahabharata covers every aspect of life. Hardly any character is either good or evil. Most are pictured in grey shade & that is what it makes so real & humane.   

Meghdoot Karnik’s compilation of short stories, Dronacharya at the Workplace, reflects on these patterns & provides a different perspective to look at the day-to-day corporate life. Though for someone who is an ardent reader of Mahabharata the references from this epic seem elementary, it’s interesting nonetheless. Also the real life circumstances narrated in the stories makes one relate to them. Meghdoot’s book deals with the most intriguing part of Mahabharata that is the politics. It provides solutions to common conflicts in corporate life from Mahabharata. It thus demonstrates that whatever is the era the human psyche remains the same with its frailties and forte.     
In recent time we have come across multiple commentaries on Mahabharata. But one thing that sets this book apart from others is the thought provoking narration. Such reflection on real life is the true success of this book.
A number of times the conversation between the characters is in Hindi which retains the Indianism of the plot. For non-Hindi readers, the author has provided quick translation so the story line is intact. The language is fluid & keeps with the pacey plot. The book cover gives a good impression of the theme of the stories. ‘Dronacharya at the Workplace’ makes a good read and we can expect interesting novels from Meghdoot Karnik in future.

-Team So-Saree

P.S. The book was sent to us for a review, but the opinions expressed here are completely ours.


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  2. I love the headline. Which working person in India wouldn't connect with that?

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  3. I am not a book person but know someone who would be reading this one . Also I am good at gifting books 😂 So thanks for recommending



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