Wednesday 31 August 2016


It's 11.30 am and I receive a phone call from my friend wanting to clear her doubt about one particular concept of Algebra. She sounds tensed.
I ask her to come home, instead of freaking out and she says, don't you want to go to school? We have our Algebra paper in 2 hours.
What did she just say? Algebra paper in 2 hours?
I haven't even opened the book. I hate Algebra. How can I do it in 2 hours?
I am going to FAIL !
I can't find my uniform. I somehow find it and rush to catch the school bus. 
I am late. I miss the school bus. I run to the bus stand. It's been 10 minutes and no signs of the bus. I decide to take an autorickshaw, but wait I don't have enough money to pay.
OMG !! OMG!! OMG !!
I will never make it to the exam hall!!!

This is the kind of nightmare I still get, in spite of the fact that I passed out of High School more than a decade ago.
Mathematics was not my favourite subject, but I scored well.
I have never failed any of my Maths exams and still.... I get these nightmares, which scares the shit out of me. When I wake up, my heart is beating at an alarming rate and I am sweating too.

Sometimes I wish for nightmares involving ghosts, demons and witches. They would be much easier to handle.
But that's not how things work ...Correct?
Moving on to pictures...
The pictures were clicked more than two years ago, outside my SIL's house in Houston, Texas.
She had set up a small but pretty garden outside the main entrance of her house.
And I couldn't think of a much better place to pose.

Outfit Details:

Dress: JC Penny
Heels, Belt: Some shop in Mumbai


  1. I get a similar dream... but mine involves losing my 'notes' a few days before the exams and I stay up all night to re-write all notes, only to fall asleep during my exam.

    Between you look super gorgesous and toned up!

  2. very pretty Aditi! Love the garden too! Even I was scared of maths but always scored well :D

  3. cute outfit
    keep in touch

  4. nice post...i get such nightmares about social studies :)
    Beautiful garden and pretty outfit

  5. The garden is cute

    Love Vikee

  6. glad that you published this look, loved that outfit.

    xoxo - Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche! -

  7. Aditi ... absolutely adore your dress!!!! ... advantage of shopping in the US, you get such awesome stuff :)

  8. All very nice and concise. Very beautiful colors are beautifully played, complete with accessories, or shoes.



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