Monday 19 September 2016


The word inheritance has deep connotations as far as South Asian culture is concerned.
We, still believe in leaving behind a significant part of our wealth for our future generations. Contrary to other cultures where the older generation would much rather spend their savings on themselves in living a comfortable if not luxurious life.

I have problem with none.
People are free to do what they like, and that's how it should be.
But if you ask me what I would like to inherit from my parents, I have quite a long list.
Don't panic! 
I won't share every single detail of that list, but why not a few snippets.

From my Father...
I want to inherit his hair. HAIR??? You ask why?
Well the age of 65 he has a total of 20 grey hair on his crown.
He has never colored his hair and his hair is as voluminous and healthy as a 30 year old.
I really really wish he has passed this particular genes to me, coz believe me if I see a grey hair on my crown, I will really go crazy.
Another thing that I want to inherit is his punctuality and persistence.
For any meeting/event, my Dad will always make it 15 minutes before time. It doesn't really work out in his favor due to majority following the Indian Standard Time. (pun intended) But that still hasn't changed him.
And as far as persistence is concerned, if you see my Dad starting some activity or routine, say morning walk/yoga, he will never ever miss his routine come rain or shine.
If we does his yoga at 6 am every morning and on some particular day he has to leave home for some work at 5.30 am, instead of skipping his yoga routine for a day, he will make sure we wakes up at 4 am, do his yoga and then leave making sure he reaches wherever he wants to, before time. Phew..! Such commitment..I cannot see myself imbibing or inheriting at least in the next decade.

And far as as my Mom is concerned, I would have really loved to inherit her good looks, but since that seems to be a far etched dream, I would like to settle in for something more practical.
I want to inherit her cooking skills and finesse.
I am yet to meet someone who can cook food as delicious as she does.
Every time I visit my parents and spend a week/two with them, I pile on a few extra pounds which I take almost six months to lose. But can I say no to my Mom's Love. ;)
And last but not the least, I do want to inherit her quality to love and give unconditionally.
Quite a few people have taken undue advantage of this quality of hers, but there's no other way she can be.

This post turned longer than I had expected.

So let's quickly move on to the outfit pictures.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Ross
Heels: Payless
Jewellery: Borrowed from Sister


  1. I can totally relate to this dad is very similar to yours...super punctual and disciplined. Even I am yet to meet someone who cooks as good as my mom! Ps I love your outfit!



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