Saturday 3 February 2018

Richfeel Collaborates with AHI London to Bring Aesthetic Hair Implants Procedures in India

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a bloggers meet hosted by Richfeel, where they had arranged a Q&A session about hair care with Ms. Lorraine Lambert, CEO of Ailesbury Hair Clinic, London.
Ms. Lorraine Lambert with the Founders of Richfeel

The session was very informative and me along with the other bloggers got most of our hair care queries answered from the expert.
But the highlight of the event was definitely Ms. Lambert's presentation of the AHI FUE surgical hair restoration technique, which will revolutionize hair transplant procedures in India thanks to Richfeel.
What you should know about The AHI FUE surgical hair restoration technique:
  • It is the latest and the best in surgical hair restoration.
  • The Extraction method is hugely advanced over other FUE extraction methods. They use a mechanized extractor with a tiny punch of 0.7mm diameter while most FUE clinics use 1mm or 1.2mm punches which create large circular scars in donor site. Healing with a 0.7mm punch is close to invisible. And the best part...A 0.7mm punch often leaves part of the follicle / sebaceous gland in the donor site following extraction which can create growth of 2 hairs
    from the one original follicle. 
  • The technique is minimally invasive.
  • Yet it lets you gain maximum results within the shortest recovery time.
  • There is no need for hospitalization and complex aftercare process.
  • The process is executable in just a day.
  • The hair that is planted is not only guaranteed to grow but also stays with you for a long time to come.
  • The new hair that grows can be cut, shaved, colored, blow dried just like your normal hair. 
In case of queries and for booking a consultation session, you can also email at or call at 9004999333.
Also, you can visit their official website here.


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