Friday 2 November 2018

Review: Yavana Signature Lash Lift with Tint

I was invited by Yavana Asthetics Clinic for an experiential of their lash lift with tint treatment. Having experienced their service before, I was really keen to go.

So, on a weekend, after wrapping up my mommy duties, I headed to their clinic in Mulund.

After the general meet and greet, I was escorted to their treatment room and made comfortable.
Then Dr. Madhuri Agarwal came over to talk to me about the treatment and answer my questions.
How long will this treatment last?
The treatment lasts for 3-4 months, which is the normal time line for old lashes to shed and new lashes to grow.

Does it have any side effects?

Negative side effects, absolutely not. Other than that you might find too many people looking into your eyes. ;)

Will it hurt?

There might be slight discomfort when the lashes are being curled, but it will not hurt at all.

What if the product gets into my eyes?
The products that are used for this treatment are all organic and not sold to regular salons, but only qualified dermats and are extremely safe for your eyes. The chances of the product getting into the eyes are close to nil, but even if it does, it does no harm.

After being thoroughly convinced I was escorted to the treatment room.

Since I wasn't wearing any makeup, the procedure started with cleaning my eyes, lashes and area around it with wet wipes and then the lashes alone were cleaned with a pre-treatment tonic.

Then eye pads were carefully placed under my eyes which covered the bottom lashes to make sure the treatment does not affect them.

Then curl sticks were stuck on my lids above the upper eyelashes and my lashes were curled and stuck on them one by one with their medicated glue.

This is where I experienced slight discomfort. My lashes were slightly pulled.

After that, began the actual procedure/treatment.

Step 1
: Lifting Treatment

Lifting cream was applied on the lashes very carefully and meticulously and left on it for 6-7 minutes. This process was very comfortable and I experienced no discomfort whatsoever.

Step 2
: Curling Treatment

The next step is applying a curling cream on the lashes. This again took some time, as the application has to be applied on every single lash separately without being too close to its roots. It was left on for another 6-7 minutes. The curling cream has a strong odour, similar to bleach, but other than the smell, the process was smooth and easy.

Step 3

And then the final step where the lashes are tinted as per the color of your preference.
The tints are available in Black, Brown and Blue.
I chose Black.

The tint is left on your lashes for 5 minutes.

Now, the lashes are cleaned with hot water and applied a growth conditioning serum.

When I opened my eyes, and looked in the mirror, I was in for a pleasant surprise.

My lashes looked like I had applied a mascara.

Dark and perfectly curled.
They do not, by any means, look the way when fake lashes are attached. They look very natural, curled and well defined.

After Care:
After the treatment you are advised to keep your lashes away from water and fire for the next 24 hours. Which means no washing them, no makeup, no moisturizer and no cooking in the kitchen too.
The treatment lasts for 3-4 months. So, you can go mascara free for that period.

The treatment costs Rs.3500 and can be done at Yavana Asthetics Clinic in Mulund and Bandra.
Isn't this a perfect thing to do right before Diwali?
And finally, the before and after pictures.

P.S. The service was provided to me free of cost but the opinions expressed here are completely mine and unbiased.


  1. WoW. Never knew such a treatment exists to lift lashes. Your eyes are looking amazing post-lift. Might check out whether such facility is available in my city.



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