Sunday 6 January 2019

How I controlled my Postpartum Hair Loss

The postpartum phase is a very sensitive one.
If you are fortunate enough you don't get/or get little affected by PPD.
Your body is sore from birthing and breast feeding, you are sleep deprived and clueless about how you will actually figure out the parenting thing.
Amidst all this (as if this was not enough) you encounter one more postpartum phenomenon. It's real and no one can escape it.

Post Partum Hair Loss!

For some it may begin immediately after they come home from the hospital, or in a month or in most cases between 2.5 - 4 months post delivery.
Mine started at 2.5 months, and until then, I sincerely thought I won't be affected by it.
But the inevitable happened and it freaked me out.
The hair fall was so bad, that I genuinely thought that I would go bald.

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures.
I asked all my friends, relatives and colleagues and they gave me tips that were too ambitious for a new mom. I couldn't sit for an hour wearing a yogurt hair mask or make a hair mask with aloe vera and fenugreek seeds.
I needed something easy and quick and so I did the following.
3 products that I used to control my postpartum hair loss:


1) Aswini Hair Oil
Richfeel Anatea
3) Cipla Tugain 5

I oiled my hair twice a week with Aswini hair oil, left it in my hair overnight and washed it with my regular shampoo and conditioner the next day.
I gulped down a cup every day of the RichFeel AnaTea.I applied Tugain 5 every night on my receding hair line and massaged it gently for a minute.

I started seeing results in 2 months.
Not only was my hair loss down to normal, but I also started seeing new hair growth on my receding hair line.

I am not sure if a single product worked these wonders, as I would like to believe that it was the power of these 3 that made the difference.

I am glad, my postpartum hair loss was short lived.

Tell me what did you do to control your postpartum hair loss?


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