Saturday, 6 June 2020

Quarantine Thoughts

As a kid my mom used to narrate stories of the Indo-ChinaWar. She was born and brought up in Parel, Mumbai and she would narrate how different life was back then.
How their window glasses were painted black, how they would run and hide under beds whenever the war siren went off and so on. While all these stories seemed overwhelming, it felt adventurous too. I always wondered if I will ever have stories like these to narrate to my kids and grand kids.
Fast forward to 2020, and we are hit by Corona. A war of a new kind.
And while I am grateful that life hasn't been too bad, working from home and doing all the household work on our own., these past few months have been full of revelations.
So, here's a list of my quarantine thoughts. Some random, some not so random.
  • I enjoy cooking more than I thought. I am surprised by the versatility of Rawa. You can make cake, dosa, idli, dhokla, gulab jamun and so much more from it than the usual upma, sheera and kheer.
  • I never thought being a homebody would prove beneficial to me someday. I am not missing going out at all. What I am missing though is my house help. :(
  • I am surprised I can do all the cooking, cleaning, entertaining a toddler and work from home too. It's surprising I actually find time to blog too.
  • Mango isn't the king of's the king of hearts.
  • No time is a myth...we can make time for anything and everything we want.
  • Nothing's urgent. Everything can wait.
  • We need very less to survive.
  • Make the most of today...because that's what we have.
  •  Do things that make you happy. And start ticking things of your bucket list asap.
  • Mental health is as important as physical health.
  • Take care of the earth. We have just one planet.
  • Support local. It's high time we do it.


P.S. This saree is more than a decade old, from my personal collection and bought from my personal earnings. I am happy I own a few pieces in my collection, which are timeless and classic. Like this pure silk Kantha embroidery saree. :)


  1. Well this lockdown has made me too realize many things. I am actually hating this period for innumerable reasons. The only good thing is that I got quality time with my elder one.

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