Saturday, 4 July 2020

Short Story - That Raw Silk Saree

It was mom's birthday and I wanted to buy her a saree. (typical me)
So I went to the nearest silk saree shop and bought a beautiful pure silk saree in the combination of red, black and gold.
And as I was about to leave, a black raw silk saree caught my attention.
I touched 'that raw silk saree' and asked the sales girl to show it to me. It was love at first sight.
But I decided not buy it, as I had too many sarees, and hardly any occasions to wear them.
I went back home and 'that raw silk saree' haunted me for nights.
A few days later, when I went to pick up mom's saree after the polishing and other stuff, I saw 'that raw silk saree' again. It was on display and I was pretty sure someone would pick it up really fast.
And so I did...because someone would, and that someone better be me.
A part of me was sad, because I realised I have little self control, but a part of me was elated.
Because wouldn't 'this raw silk saree' make a good vintage saree for Ishanvi to flaunt when she grows up? ;)
The End. :)

Hope you liked the story, now scroll for the pictures.

Outfit Details:
Saree: Mahalaxmi Stores, Mumbai
Earrings, Ring: Confusion FA
Bracelet: Vintage Desi
Footwear: Zappotoes


  1. Silk sarees are respected by women everywhere throughout the universe in view of their splendid appeal.
    Your post are really nice tank you so much for sharing this post.



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