Saturday 4 July 2020

Short Story - That Raw Silk Saree

It was mom's birthday and I wanted to buy her a saree. (typical me)
So I went to the nearest silk saree shop and bought a beautiful pure silk saree in the combination of red, black and gold.
And as I was about to leave, a black raw silk saree caught my attention.
I touched 'that raw silk saree' and asked the sales girl to show it to me. It was love at first sight.
But I decided not buy it, as I had too many sarees, and hardly any occasions to wear them.
I went back home and 'that raw silk saree' haunted me for nights.
A few days later, when I went to pick up mom's saree after the polishing and other stuff, I saw 'that raw silk saree' again. It was on display and I was pretty sure someone would pick it up really fast.
And so I did...because someone would, and that someone better be me.
A part of me was sad, because I realised I have little self control, but a part of me was elated.
Because wouldn't 'this raw silk saree' make a good vintage saree for Ishanvi to flaunt when she grows up? ;)
The End. :)

Hope you liked the story, now scroll for the pictures.

Outfit Details:
Saree: Mahalaxmi Stores, Mumbai
Earrings, Ring: Confusion FA
Bracelet: Vintage Desi
Footwear: Zappotoes



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