Saturday 9 February 2013

8th February. Happy Birthday Jagjit Ji!

8th February.
Happy Birthday Jagjit Ji!

Naam ghum jayega..
Chehra yeh badal jayega..
Meri aawaz hi meri pehchaan hain
Agar yaad rahe!

My name may be forgotten..
My appearance may change..
My voice is my identity,
Only if...its remembered!

A celestial voice, a legend and a beautiful person.
That's how I remember Jagjit_Singh.
Had the pleasure to attend his concert in 2010, and I consider myself lucky that I could.
No words can express the void, his absence has created in every Ghazal lovers life.

Happy birthday Jagjit Ji!
We miss you too much.

The Jagjit Singh Concert Tickets
that I still treasure!

Today's Google Doodle.
I love Google...I seriously do.

My favorite Jagjit Singh Song.
It was really hard to pick one.


  1. A great loss! RIP!!!

    <3 from:

  2. I loved that google doodle...was an amazing way to pay homage to a legend!His music is sorely missed.

  3. He was a legend...Followed you dear..

  4. Seeing the post really late! but I'm crazyyyyyyy about ghazals and Jagjit Singh is like the God of ghazals.. I was also lucky enough to attend one of his concerts.. I get goosebumps every time I hear his voice... It's really an irreplaceable loss..
    Thank u for this post! Brought back so many lovely songs to my mind!



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