Saturday 23 February 2013

23rd February. Happy Birthday Mummy..!

 Happy 60th Mummy !

Today I take this opportunity to introduce you to..the one and only... (drum rolls)
Mummy. My MIL.

As she turns 60 today (I am so proud of her..she doesn't hide her age) let me tell you a little about her.
Born in a Kutchi Family, this charming lady with the encouragement of her parents, did her MA in Hindi Literature while pursuing a degree in law simultaneoulsy. She went on to run her own very successful Computer Classes in the 90's inspite of coming from a completely different academic background. During her teens and mid 20's she struggled a lot with her weighty issues, but now she is like a nirvaana acquired soul who cannot be deviated from her life long commitment to health, even by the cheesiest of pizzas or the yummiest of desserts.
She is the one who taught me to cook, the one who clicks my endless pictures, likes all my pictures on FB, the one who organises my overly stuffed wardrobe every now and then, the one who still drapes my saree,and encourages me to do more [and binge less ;)] each day.
A mother of two and a guiding hand to many, she is one Inspirational Lady.
Happy Birthday Mummy. Wish you loads of Love, Happiness and Good Health.

She is one cool Mum-In-Law. And these are her Life Fundas.


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  1. Wish your Mom in Law on my behalf a very Happy Birthday

  2. Thats sweet. Wish your Mother on my behalf too!

  3. Happy belated birthday! To your mom and your one month old blog!...I've been out of loop so just catching up on all posts lol.

  4. Lovely! A belated happy birthday to your mum-in-law. You are lucky to have such a sweet MIL :)



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