Saturday 9 March 2013

Award No. 2.

Yes..I have been awarded again and this time it's the Creative Blogger Award.
The culprit this time too is Shivali Of Travel With Me.
(Thank you so much lovely, I will surely send you some cash.)

Now to the rules of this Award:
1. Answer the following:
a) 1 thing you truly love about yourself.
b) 2 things people don't know about you
c) 3 things you want to change about yourself.

2. Nominate the deserving blogs and don't forget to inform them.

So, here I go:
1a) One thing that I truly love about myself is that I can express myself really well.

1b)Didn't I just do a post mentioning 10 things you wouldn't know about me. Anyways,
    >For the longest time of my life, I have dreamt of Ritu Kumar, and lately it's
      Sabyasachi Mukherjee. (I am not kidding..seriously guys I am nuts.)
    > I prefer spending on holidays/travelling rather than expensive jewellery.

1c)>Binging on yummy and unhealthy food.
     >Learn to dance. [I was born with 2 left feet and hands as well. :( ]
     >Control my tears. They come out anywhere anytime, especially at the movies.

2)And my Nominations for this Award:
And since it's Women's Day Today..I wish All You Lovely Ladies A Very Happy Women's Day.
And this is what my Husband gifted me on Women's Day.
Image via You can order it here.
Self Help is the Best Help.
It's time You Stand up for Yourself and Take Charge.

Disclaimer: I do not own the images used in this post. 


  1. Wow congratulations! I also love the name of your blog! It's so creative! Well deserved!

  2. Congrats girl!!! You totally deserve this! Way to go...

    <3 from:

  3. Happy Women's Day to u too lovely lady!
    Ohhhh Aditi Thank u so much for the nomination!! So sweet of you! :)
    We should try and catch up when I'm in Bombay!

    Dress up today and send a click!
    Take part in the contest :)

    1. Sure..we shud. Tell me when u r going to be in mumbai, n we can plan sumthing.

  4. Ohh n I LOVE Sabyasachi too!!

  5. Congratulations Aditi...May you win many more.
    And thats such an awesome idea for gift - The Pepper Spray. I am surely gifting myself one.
    HAPPY WOMEN's Day...

    1. Thnk u wudn't have been possible without u.(literally)

  6. Nice :) I follow u :D

  7. Happy Women's Day dear! A few months back my guy got me the same! :) :) :)
    Congrats on the award dear! Thanks for passing it on to me.... :)

    1. WOW..thats nice.
      N u r welcome. Very well deserved.

  8. thnx for following.. followed u back..:)

  9. Congrats Aditi thats awesome indeed to pat on the back of fellow bloggers!

    Smitten by Lip Print!!

  10. Congrats on the awards!! Love the last picture!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  11. Lovely! second award! :) Congratulations. Was nice to know all those secrets :D

  12. Congrats!! You totally deserve it :)

  13. Congratulations Was nice to know all those secrets.

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