Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Maharashtra Day Special Feat My Neonish Life.

1st May: Maharashtra Day

I am a Maharashtrian..And I am proud to be one.
But then...I am proud to be an Indian, a Mumbaite, a Woman, a Civilized Citizen, a Blogger..To cut it short I am a Proud Person. ;)
But that's not the topic of discussion today, or rather even in the future.

Today is Maharashtra Day, the day the state of Maharashtra was formed, a day that is a Public Holiday in Maharashtra.['s a Holiday.(happy dance)]

Jokes apart, let me give you a little background about this day.

The Mughal Empire an imperial power in the Indian subcontinent from about 1526 to 1757 enriched India in many ways. Whether it's the legendary Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, the Pearl Mosque or even the Lahore Fort to name a few.
But by the end of the 17th Century, internal dissatisfaction and many other cultural and religious issues had weakened the Mughal Empire.
Shivaji Bhonsale, (later coronated as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) an aristocrat of the Bhonsale Maratha Clan led the Marathas against the Mughals to establish a Hindavi Swarajya meaning Self Rule of the Hindu People.
In Shivaji's reign, the power of Marathas had reached its peak and covered almost one third of the Indian subcontinent.
However, after the Third Anglo-Maratha War, the empire ended and most of Maharashtra became part of Bombay State under the British Raj.
Post Independence demanded a lot of reorganisation of the regions in India.
Dr B. R. Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Indian constitution was of the opinon that states should be reorganised on the basis of language. Hence, he submitted a memorandum to the Reorganization Commission to this effect, and the Commision created the current Maharashtra state on 1 May 1960 known as Maharashtra Day.
{ History teacher would be so proud!}

Now for the fun part.
For the Maharashtra Day Special, I decided to get on board a very dear and special fren of mine, who is not only beautiful, but also very stylish.(Am I lucky with friends or wot..!)
Supriya of My Neonish Life..chk her blog out if you have not already.
She was sweet enough to put this Maharshtrian look together for So-Saree's sake. Scroll down and see for yourself.

About the outfit..
Supriya has draped a Paithani, a typical Mahrashtrian saree named after Paithan town in Aurangabad in Maharashtra where they are woven by hand. The pallu or the trail (as some of my Non-Indian frens call it) of the Paithani typically had motifs in the shape of either parrots, peacocks or lotus. But now newer and different designs are also been assimilated in their designs. The Border of the Paithani is also very typical, and most of them will have the similar square pattern.
Paithani is made from the finest of silks and was considered the richest saree of Maharashtra, as originally they used pure Gold threads to make its zari, and the cheaper variation used Silver.
Now, about the Jewellery,
The long black bead Necklace that she is wearing is called a mangalsutra, and her nose ring aka Nath are the important aspects in the styling of a Maharashtrian Married Lady.
The choker necklace called Thushi, again a Maharashtrian speciality, and the crescent moon bindi on Supriya's forehead completes the Maharashtrian look, which she has pulled off so effortlessly.

Thank you so much Supriya, I can't thank you enough.


  1. You look lovely!

    Sita xx

    1. Thnx Sita..but that's not's my fren Supriya.

  2. I'm so glad I got to learn something new today! :)

    This looks is breathtakingly gorgeous. The colors are amazing. Your friend couldn't be any more beautiful. She is clearly doing this holiday justice.

    1. Thnx Jennifer..coming frm means a lot.
      I have learnt so many new things from ur blog. :)

    2. Thanks Jennifer.

  3. Pretty pictures, the information is an added bonus!
    Lovely post, Aditi :)


  4. I am proud maharashtrian too :) your friend is looking pretty in paithani! ekdum asssal marathi mulgi and that nath is so cute!

  5. Supriya's saree is beautiful and so is she! I have Paithani saree and though it is very old now, I love it so much. I wore that saree on my elder bro's reception!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

    1. Wow..Juneli! I m yet to own my dream Paithani..just cant find the right one for me.

  6. Shes looking very pretty!! Happy Maharashtra day!!

  7. you look great! Love what you're wearing, so beautful

  8. I am a proud maharashtrian after seeing this..
    nath ani paithani saari ni char chaand lavlya tumchya saundaryala :D

  9. fantastic sari

  10. i love traditional weaves they look so rich.. your friend has draped it so well!

  11. Aditi!!! Its my pleasure!! Thanks for having me here. I feel honoured!! Love you!! Muah!!

    1. Hey Beautiful..r u seeing the kind of response ur pics r getting me..! PPl think it's me who's in the pics. I wudn't blame them..when u have sum one as pretty as u in the one wud care to read the post.

  12. This look is to die for and the bag and your nosepin is my fav :)


    1. Thnx Shalini..but i m still trying to find the bag u r referring to. ;)

  13. is this you? you look so pretty! :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last post :)

    Participate in my International Giveaway Two winners would get $20 GC each from StyleGodis :)


    1. No's not me...sumtimes u must also read the post.;)

  14. Wow! Supriya looks gorgoeus! I have always loved nose rings of this kind.

    Happy Maharashtra Day! :)

  15. Hey gurl, you looking beautiful and royal blue is one of my favorite color... <3 Its suits you.
    Joined you via GFC and G+ name Modonika
    Join me if you like on

  16. OMG! I have no word to describe how beautiful you look in this bright blue saree! You are beautiful!

    <3 from:

    1. Hey's not's my Beautiful fren Supriya.

  17. Hey Aditi,
    Glad to be back on the blogosphere...been caught up with a holiday and then 2 family weddings back to back....but am back now with hopefully a post soon!
    This post is simply awesome!I'm a great lover of tradition silks like the paithanis,balucharis(bengal) and south kanjivarams and was nice to see supriya in a traditional outfit!

    1. Hi Shreya..glad u r back..i missed u so much.
      Glad u read the post. waiting for ur new post.

    2. Aww!I missed following your posts too!
      Back with a new one!

  18. I just found your blog and I love it!
    check my blog if you want too:)
    click -> Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog

  19. u look stunning and love how u wear ure cultural gear with so much elan and grace. Always admired the Maharashtrian outfits in movies.

  20. what a gorgeous look, the color of the sari is so lovely !!
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !
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  21. She looks beautiful! Love the color! Happy Maharashtra day to you! I didn't even knew such a day exist:-)!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog
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  22. You look gorgeous :)

  23. Aditi your friend is looking gorgeous in this lovely saree :)

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