Saturday 11 May 2013

Sonam Kapoor

Okay..I know I have been away for too long..! And I have to confess what started off as a self imposed hiatus turned into a lazy procastination of sorts. But I am back..and I intend to stay as regular as possible. (You must be already aware that my regular means a post a week..!)

So..Where were we...?

It's not Sonam Kapoor's Birthday today..!

It's just that this post has been due for long, and what better than to do it today..!
Sonam Kapoor.. Bollywood actress, daughter of actor Anil Kapoor, the face of Loreal, but more so a Fashionista.

I admit I haven't seen much of her movies, but I also confess my ardent love for her fashion sense.
If I have to choose my favourite fashionista..She's The Girl..!!!

If you have been following my Facebook page, [Yes, So-Saree does have a presence on FB too, so you better like it..!;)] you wouldn't miss my love and admiration for this Style Diva.

When in So-Saree's very first post, I mentioned that Saree is finally getting it's due thanks to the new crop of designers and their muses..believe me..I was thinking about Sonam Kapoor.

There's something about this girl that you just can't miss. She can carry off any look with equal elegance. And she has never once disappointed me at the Cannes..she is just bang on..all the time.
So, if you are too busy to follow fashion trends and fashion weeks, don't be sad, coz if you follow her have acquainted yourself to the latest trends across the globe, with tips on how to make those looks work, as well.

All this kept aside, the real reason for my soft corner towards this girl is because...(I don't even want to mention it..coz u know it already..!)

Just scroll down and see for yourself.

So..what do you think..???


  1. very nice looks

  2. wow.. so many looks that i havent seen b4.. Sonam is truly a fashionista!

  3. Wonderful post, Sonam is my FAVOURITE fashionista too, and I especially follow all her Indian looks ardently, because she's the only gal who can wear a shrug over a saree!<3


    1. So true Shubhi..only Sonam can carry that off.

  4. I never liked Sonam Kapoor before... BUT after this post... YOU have changed my opinion about her.
    As usual a great post packed with apt info and a visual treat for fashion fanatics...
    Good one girl...

  5. I absolutely love her! She's best dressed Indian woman..and is a great style inspiration to us! Her movie Aisha was rocking in terms of style and labels! I am so glad you did this post!

  6. Fabulous post dear ..I think Sonam is a BIG fashionista! She rocks the Masaba creations ..truly an inspiration:-)

  7. Great post! She's beautiful~

  8. I love all the sarees. I wonder from where do you dig all this. Good work girl!

    My Neonish Life

    1. Thank u sweetheart..u know..i have to..m not as photogenic as U.

  9. I love Sonam's style...she was one of the first celebs to reinvent the sari in a western of my fashion inspirations! :)

  10. in love with the clock print saree....great compilation


  11. she has an exquisite sense of style..the way she works prints!and look at the make-up and accessories with each is all so perfect!
    i am sure going to like your fb page!

  12. she is gr8... my fav actress. :)

  13. Hi dear!! This is a really great post!!
    I really like those outfits, the sense of style is amazing :)
    Have a nice day!!
    Come back and check my new post at;

  14. I love the fact that Sonam loves to wear sarees..not only she has the height for it..she has got the attitude :)

  15. You know any other actor you can just look at them once and you know what they are wearing. Sonam pays so much attention to the details. I love her sense of style. She just does something else with the clothes,accessories and makeup.



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