Friday, 16 August 2013

Today's post is a sponsored post..but let me assure you that the opinions expressed here are 100% mine.

When I was approached by Craftsvilla to review their site, I was really excited.
But when I visited their site, I was full of pride and respect.
Pride for the rich cultural heritage of India and
Respect for Craftsvilla who promotes and nurtures Traditional Indian art and artisans through their website. is not just a shopping website, it is a marketplace to "Discover Unique Indian Products".
The people at Craftsvilla connect with local artisans & designers directly to global customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middlemen, help them create/promote their brand and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values.
And it is this belief of theirs to capture the regional variations of India is what sets them apart from the rest.
One look at their website, and I was animated.
From Clothing, Accessories, Home decor, Handicrafts to Books. They have it all.
And yes, how can I forget Sarees. Their collection of sarees is so exquisite and vast that I am completely awed. And they are so reasonably priced that I want to buy them all.

So keeping up with the So-Saree tradition, I am sharing pics of few of my favorite sarees.
Tell me which one you like.

To know more about Craftsvilla, check the below links:


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  4. indeed a great collection!! how cute is the polka saree and the pink with gota border is amazing too..great review Aditi:-)

  5. so beautiful

  6. great post and I´m following you now!

  7. These all look so beautiful and fabulous!

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  9. So amazing! <3
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  10. i am actually liking their collection, I am not so much into sarees, but with festivities around the corner,I might pick up something from them.
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  14. love ethnic wear aditi!!

  15. d polka dot one is a great one.

    N why dont we see one of ure lovely pic in a gorgeous saree?

    how have u been?

    1. thats my fav too.
      m good girl.thnx for asking.

  16. Such gorgeous sarees! Love them. Will definitely check out Craftsvilla :) And love the new background of your blog!

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  20. wow..I love the sarees. Planning to buy one soon. Must say they have an amazing collection.

  21. i dint no about this online stre, thanks for info, love the saree with face image on pallu.. will check ot this store now...
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  22. Love the sarees. I juts got one for my mum from craftsvilla and i thought i was the only one to know of this website ;) Anyhow i have a new post on wedding. hope you will drop by.

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  25. all sarees are so beautiful but my bad i don't wear sarees but i will check this store now
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  26. Love the collection!<3 Great blog! :)

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  27. Beautiful dresses dear! I'd love to experience wearing one of these too. :)
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  28. They are gorgeous, everyone on of them is a piece of art!!!
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  30. Superb saree collection. Nice design & colourful designer sarees. Great!!! Nice pics. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  31. Nice review. I bought a saree from the website and was really happy with the purchase and their service. I'm willing to a return customer.

    You are welcome to check out my blog and my post about the saree I bought from Craftsvilla. :)

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  33. I have read your blog and get nice information about Indian Sarees thanks for sharing this beautiful blog with us.

  34. Craftsvilla have got some nice collection of sarees

  35. Really nice sarees, Please share some saree catalogs also.

  36. Love them.. you have nice choice of designer sarees, I am soon gonna read your other articles.

  37. Great! Thanks For Sharing!

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