Sunday 4 August 2013

Happy Friendship's Day!

Yay..we have one more reason to celebrate and we can't afford to miss it.
Happy Friendship's Day everyone.

This is one of those impropmtu posts which I normally avoid doing. But I coudn't stop myself today.
Coz its not only about celebrating your friends but also being grateful that they were there for you during thick and thin.

I for one have been vey lucky as far as friends are concerned. I have had a best friend for every phase of my life. I had a Best Friend during my School Days, one during my College Days, one during my Working Days, and many more. For me its..More the Merrier.

But today, I am going to thank a special set of friends who have helped, encouraged and nurtured me during the most interesting phase of my life. If you haven't guessed it already..let me not trouble you any more.

My Friends from the Blogosphere...So here I go..
in no particular order...
but in particular dress code!;)
Renu of Renew-It 

Shivali  of Travel with Me

Supriya of My Neonish Life

Shreeja of Pineapple-ish
Ashwini of The Zing of My Life

Shubhangi of Fairytale Style

Happy Friendship's Day Girls..Thank you so much for being who you are.
You rock.


  1. Happy Friendship Day Aditi! Nice post..good to see all the smiling faces and pretty sarees:-)

  2. Such a sweet post :) Happy Friendship Day!

  3. Beautiful elegant women! <3

    Much love from France! xx


  4. Nice post Aditi!Happy friendships day!!

  5. wow, love to see bloggers in the traditional avatar ! they look superb !
    Though would have loved if you added ur pic at the end too ;)
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !
    New post on mt blog !

  6. Lovely post. Nice way to express your friendship.

  7. After more than 40 years on Planet Earth, I can claim about 3 permanent friends so far, and one of them is my wife. Los Angeles escorts



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