Friday 1 November 2013

Happy Dhanteras.

It is Dhanteras today or should I say Dhanatrayodashi.
Dhanteras is derived from 'Dhan' meaning 'Wealth' and 'Teras' meaning '13' as Dhanteras is the 13th day as per Hindu calender.
Diwali officially kick starts today..though in my head Diwali has been on since the past fortnight..!;)
On this day Dhan or Wealth is worshipped, and it is considered auspicious to buy precious metals like gold or silver on this day.
While I didn't indulge in any such shopping, what I did was, I offered a Naivedhya of Dhaniya/Corriander Seeds and Jaggery to God praying for a Happy and Prosperous Year ahead.

Dhaniya + Jaggery..I guess it has something to do with Dhan and Dhaniya..! God Knows..!

If you haven't guessed it already the inspiration behind following this ritual is my Mom.
And why we do it? I have no idea absolutely..!
But Mom's always right..and we shouldn't argue on that! Right?
Happy Dhanteras Everyone ..and may you have a very Happy and Safe Diwali.


  1. Looks yumm! :) Even I follow a lot of rituals without a clue as to why am doinf that! Easier that way sometimes ;) Happy diwali!

  2. hope you had a great diwali aditi!!

  3. looks yummy ! No body argues with MOM ! Usually I do follow them but not go overboard, believe in practicality now days !

  4. looks yummy

  5. a very HappY Diwali to u dear!!

    it definitely is making my mouth watery :)

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