Thursday 21 November 2013

Laxmi Puja.

The next big ritual followed during Diwali is that of Laxmi Puja.
This is one ritual which is the most integral part of Diwali and the most important too..for obvious reasons.
Laxmi Puja is a ritual which worships Godess Laxmi - The Godess of Wealth.
The preparation for this ritual starts way before Diwali.
It is believed that on the day of Laxmi Puja, Godess Laxmi enters only those premises that are clean and well lit. And that is why, more than Diwali shopping, Indian women are keen about Diwali Safai or Diwali Cleaning.
There is also a tradition of playing cards on this day. Legend has it that Godess Parvati had played a game of dice with Lord Shiva, her husband on this auspicious day. She had stated that anyone who gambles on this day will prosper in the upcoming year.

My Laxmi Puja Set Up.

Apart from the Laxmi Puja set up, I also draw little footprints on the entrance of my house symbolizing Godess Laxmi entering my house. :)


  1. We draw foot prints on janmastmi
    And Diwali pooja is one of the hilighting in my house too
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  2. so cool! xoxo Follow you

  3. Beautiful Laxmi Puja celebration! Hope you had a wonderful Diwali!!

  4. Lakshmi puja I know :) But lovely explanation. I never knew why we played cards during Diwali, but now I do :) And love the feet of Goddess Lakshmi that you have drawn :)

    1. Thnks Rosh. U r always too generous wid ur compliments.

  5. Nice pics.. the footprints came out so well! :)

  6. Aditi you are so religious (Y)
    too good, i love reading your puja posts :)

    Giveaway dose

  7. loving those footprints!



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