Wednesday 19 March 2014

Air borne

    I love my visits to the airport..!
    Whether I'm travelling for work/holiday or receiving a family member.

    But what I love most about my visits to airports, is the celeb spotting spree I indulge in..!
   Audacious!! Isn't it..? But I love it.
Living in Mumbai has its advantages and disadvantages..and star gazing surely is my favourite hobby.
Almost all my visits to the airport, have been fruitful, in this sense.
But not my last one..! I did not spot even a single celeb, not even a television actor..! :(
And since I had not much to do, I decided to have some fun with my camera...and off I went..!


And last but not the least..look what I found there...!


  1. Hey,how are you? I am your fixed reader,Royal Wang.I am so so so into buying products in airports or just strolling around airports

    New Post up on my blog,i invite you

    1. Thnks Royal..i visit ur blog too..but my comment never publishes on ur blog.

  2. My fav of all is The Pencil one.....very colorful!

  3. star gazing is my fav hobby too ;) although i dnt get to spot celebs as much as u do :D welcom bac to India :)

  4. Sad but it's not that easy to spot celebrities in delhi..
    Interesting clicks, the auto one is so nice
    Keep in touch

  5. I have a recurrent dream where I am on the same flight as a celeb! :p
    I doubt it is coming true though but all the best for your next trip!

  6. Even I have spotted few celebrities @ Mumbai airport.

    Loved the pics. The handicrafts look so ethnic and indian.

  7. Replies
    1. Thnks ..i have seen many...Bacchan Sr and Jr., Rahul Bose, Gauhar Khan, Nigar Khan, Fardeen Khan and his family, Strings Band, Tapur n tupur chatterjee, Ajay Devgan, Rajesh Roshan..just to name a few. :)

  8. Compliment for this colorful post

  9. Lovely pics! Are these at the new terminal? Heard its gorgeous. Havent been there yet though :)
    So lucky that most of your visits have been fruitful! I have never spotted any celebrity at the airport, maybe cause I am never very observant :D



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