Monday 9 February 2015

Formal Wear - A Photo Journal

On my last work trip to the USA, I decided I would maintain a photo journal of my daily outfits.
But severe jet lag and sheer laziness on my part, left this exercise incomplete.
I managed some ...and I am glad I did.
In today's post I will share pictures of my formal wear and in the next my casual ones.

This journal made me realize I need to add more colour to my outfits.
What do you think?

Top: Macy's, Trousers: Henny, Shoes: Walmart
Dress: ROSS, Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai

Top: Macy's , Trousers: Henny,   Shoes: Walmart

Top: JC Penny    Trousers: Henny    Shoes: Walmart

Top: Macy's,     Trousers: Henny,    Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai

Top: Shoppers Stop,   Trousers: Henny,  Neckpiece: Macy's  Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai

Dress: Allen Solly   Shoes: Local Shop in Mumbai



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