Sunday 15 February 2015

So-Saree Readers Speak - Priyanka

Hey guys...we are back again after a short break with one of my favourite segment...The So-Saree Readers Speak Segment.

After all, a little bit of compliments and encouragement never hurt anyone.
Today's featured reader is a dentist by profession.
Gosh..I am already visualizing her drilling teeth with her sensuous saree on.

That's just never mind.
Over to you Priyanka....

When I was young, I would see my mom drape these really beautiful sarees and the ethnicity of the saree would always make me fall in love with our Indian culture all the more. My love for saree grew even more when I got my first very own saree. That was for my 10th standard farewell :)
I love wearing sarees for special occasions. I own a few of them and everytime I wear a saree it makes me feel more beautiful and Indian.
I feel So-Saree is a very good platform, especially for all the young girls out there who still think that wearing and carrying a saree is one big task!!! The varied amount of sarees and the awesome experiences shared by all the girls, I am sure would help a lot many :)

Dressed traditionally in my favourite saree..Paithani

Thank you Priyanka..You look absolutely smashing in those sarees. And I have serious crush on your Paithani.


  1. Priyanka, you are gorgeous! Loving the green saree and the way you draped it :)

  2. saree is like the perfect representation of indian culture and makes a women even more beautiful
    gorgeous pics, really liked both the sarees
    keep in touch

  3. Priyanka looks gorgeous! Love both the sarees on her!

  4. looking so nice in traditional

  5. wow wow wow. I'm totally in love with you sarees but accessories and tattoo are amazing too. You're just beautiful!

  6. I love all those clothes dear
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