Monday 27 April 2015

10 handloom destinations for sarees in India

There is some magic about the weaves and crafts that spell fashion. In a country like India that has rich cultural colours spread across each state, handloom as a craft has diversified versions. Each state in India is known for its handloom history and tradition. The stories relating to birth of handloom craft is both interesting and involving. The handloom destinations have an amazing variety of classic sarees, which women love to adorn on all occasions.

The beauty of Handloom
The fashion industry is transformed into an urban and modern outlook, but some nuggets from the past still inspires them. Handloom sarees with its intricate designs, patterns and style of making still hold relevance and importance. These hand woven pieces of sarees made by local craftsmen using traditional techniques look charming and classic, when worn.
Let’s have a look at the 10 best destinations to hunt for handloom sarees in India. These are as follow:

·    The land of pious and revered river Ganga – Banaras: The Banarasi Handloom Silk Saree is among the most popular sarees that every women wishes to own. This one is demanded during the wedding season for its delicate and beautiful zari and embroidery work. The highlight is the pallu that is woven with gold or silver threads with dense designs.

·    Tussar Silk Saree from Bihar: Back in fashion Tussar Saree are now available with mixed fabrics and woollen materials. This one is a speciality of Bihar as Tussar comes with Madhubani paintings done on saree. These are collector items.

·    West Bengal treasure trove of Baluchari Handloom Sarees: Made by weaving and decoration, the handloom saree carries lot of interesting tales weaved into the design of the saree which makes its special and worth owing.

·    The tea garden of Assam is also known for its Munga Saree: The exclusive variety of silk made in Assam uses natural gold colours, which are not dyed. There are traditional motifs done on the border and pallu of the saree.

·    The land of Gir Lion is also known for its famous Ikkat Patola Silk Sarees: These are hand crafted pieces done with ethereal design patterns that take a long time to make one piece. Each saree is exclusive made with rich colour combinations and designs.


·    Kanchipuram Silk Saree (Kanjivaram Saree) from Tamil Nadu: This one is world famous saree made using zari and other intricate designs that come with contracting and bold colour combinations.

·    The pride of Orissa - Sambalpuri Sarees: These are regarded among the most beautiful saris. They are hand loom sarees made from soft cotton Silk and Tassur, also referred as Sambalpuri saree or Ikat Saree. Locally, they are known as shadhi.
.    In the heart of Central India, Madhya Pradesh’s very own Chanderi Silk Sarees : This is a legacy passed on from generations, the classic saree is soft, light and woven in cotton as well in silk. 
·    The traditional saree from Kerala: The while hand woven fabric with gold borders is a famous saree pattern. It is now adorned by women across the globe.

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  1. My sister got married in Ranchi (which now falls under Jharkhand but close enough to Bihar). Their cottage industry is called Jharcraft. i LOVE their dupattas and sarees. Nice list by you. Will check out when I am in India next

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