Wednesday 22 April 2015

#CCDSummerSlam with Smoothies and Slushes

Every year summers get harsher and every year I look out for new ways to cool down.
But know what, this time I didn't have to go much further, because I was lucky enough to be invited to an event that showed how easy and yummy cooling down can be.
Cafe Coffee Day couldn't have launched their new and fresh range of smoothies and slushes at a better timing. And when they did, they were gracious enough to invite a bunch a awesome bloggers [that includes me ;)] to sample their drinks.

The #CCDSummerSlam event that took place at Cafe Coffee Day Bandra, was a fun event event organised by Ripplelinks.

To begin with all bloggers were sent a list of the new awesome flavors of smoothies and slushes that CCD has launched with the invite and we were asked to dress in the colour of our favourite flavors for the event.
Me, being an ardent mango fan, decided to dress up in yellow; matching my outfit with the Mango Peach smoothie. (slurrp)

Jacket: Harpa via
Handbag: David Jones via
In the invite sent, there was one particular smoothie flavor that grabbed my attention, and I couldn't wait to try it. It was the RasMalai smoothie. My favourite Bengali sweet in a smoothie flavor... I was so intrigued to sample it.

The event started off with a few fun games like the blind folded Flavor Tasting game,

and keeping in mind the IPL season, we had a fun match match between the Smoothies and Slushes Team where participants were supposed to hit balls at the mid-air suspended standees of the new launched flavors of slushes and smoothies.

It was a tough fight, but in the end it was Team Smoothies that took away the prize.

While the fun games were going on, the spectators were being offered different flavors of smoothies and slushes in cute shot glasses. Every one was going gaga with each new flavor that they tasted.
The first smoothie I sampled was the Mango and Peach smoothie, and I was more than happy with it. Creamy and smooth with chunks of mango and peach, can it get any better?

Next up was the most anticipated drink of the evening, the RasMalai smoothie.
A rich creamy milky concoction topped with pieces of almonds and rasgulla. This was a very Desi take on smoothies and I recommend everyone to try it atleast once.

Now was the turn for some slushes. The Pink Lemonade slush was decent enough but the Tropical Spice Slush was a little hatke. The goodness of the tropical fruit granita mixed with the spicy flavor of jalapenos. WOW..this one felt like fireworks in my mouth.
I am not a strawberry fan, and I was keeping away from trying the Strawberry Blast Slush and Strawberry Pom Smoothie.
But what a mistake it would have been. I am sure all strawberry fans will love it, but I insist that people who don't like strawberry should try it too. I had become a huge fan of the Strawberry Pom Smoothie at the end of the tasting session which is a yummy milky mix of strawberry and pomegrante.
Post all the tasting and fun games, food was served. Sandwiches, wraps, rolls, pastries accompanied with smoothies and slushes as per our choice.

All in all it was a fun event and everyone had a great time.

The goodness of fruits delivered as smoothies and slushes to beat the rising temperatures is a sure shot way to beat those hunger and thirst pangs on a sunny day.

So make sure you head to your nearest Cafe Coffee Day centre to try these healthy and yummy coolers.


  1. lucky you! love smoothies and slushes!

  2. The new menu seems to be tempting.. I loved your blazer.. you look fab!!

  3. loved the blazer

  4. Many people also add sweetener, although this is not really necessary and should actually be avoided. Most fruits are sweet enough on their own and a homemade smoothie does not really need sweetener added to it.



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