Friday 23 October 2015

Ganeshotsav 2015 Part 2

We are back with the second installment of the Ganeshotsav 2015 pics. Sorry for the delay in posting. But better late than never. :)

Mumbadevicha Ganraj - The Mandal was into their 75th anniversary this year. A beautiful Sea World was created with Bappa's Idol riding on fishes !

Lower Parelcha Ladka - Look at the Elegance this Idol has.

Lal Maidan Parel - This Bappa is one of my favourite. The appearance of their Idol is the same every year - a fair coloured Bappa.

Taikalwadi Dadar - Just look at his ornaments & the grace with which he carries it !


Chinchpokli cha Chintamani - The most adorable Idol of this year. And yes with its Online popularity, Chintamani is the most loved Bappa !


  1. Lovely pics of Ganapathibappa. Thanks for sharing! Hope you post some great pics of Durga Pooja too :)
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