Friday 20 April 2018

Outfit Post: Why I Love Kurtis

You already know, I am in love with sarees.

But apart from sarees, if there is an Indian outfit that I like and am very comfortable with is Kurtis.
Kurtis are basically a shorter and fitted version of a kurta. 
On an everyday basis, kurtis are my go to outfit.

You ask why?

It's comfortable, stylish yet ethnic, very versatile and can be worn for every occasion.

Comfort: The long length of kurtis, comfortable fit and the fact that it can be worn without a dupatta makes it very comfortable. Plus, it helps you hide all the love handles. It is the perfect outfit if you are going for buffet luncheons or dinner.

Stylish and Ethnic: Kurtis have gone through a lot of transition and modern day kurtis are chic. But they still have that ethnic element or touch to it which just makes you feel pretty and stylish.

Versatile: The modern day kurtis are versatile. You can wear them with salwars, leggings, palazzo pants, jeans and sometimes without any bottoms, just like a dress. It is this versatility that makes it a favorite with all age groups.

Can we worn for any occasion: You can wear a kurti to college, you can wear it to your workplace, for grocery shopping and even for special occasions by throwing in a dressy dupatta and traditional accessories.Kurtis are perfect for every mood.

Also, kurtis have the vote of the conservative crowd too. Not that I care, but it's always good to know everyone is happy. :)
While I don’t have a preference from where I shop for my kurtis; I might pick them up from the malls or from the streets. But W Kurtis are by far my most favourite brand for kurtis.While I mostly pick them up from Lifestyle stores, I sometimes buy them online as well.Online shopping for women is totally a boon, as you sometimes find the same product that you buy from malls at much cheaper rates online.

Now, let’s scroll down to see how I wear my kurtis.

Which kurti style do you like?


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