Sunday 22 April 2018

Review: VLCC's Belle Wave Facial

Hey everyone, I am back with a review this time.
I have always said this, and I say it again, one of the perks of being a blogger is being able to review products and services and share my experience with my readers.
Today I am going to share my experience about VLCC's Belle Wave facial.

When I was contacted to review their Belle Wave facials, I was told that Belle Wave facials are VLCC's premium facials that are a part of their international range of facials. The products used for these facials are Swiss made and are so fine that they easily penetrate into your skin to give you maximum results. This intro was enough to get my approval to try their facial.

Belle Wave Facials comprise of Stem Cellogist, White Nuerogist, Fermative Brilliance, Plaktonic, Seed Affinity and Outbreak Extinguisher. Depending on your skin type and problem areas, VLCC center suggests the type of facial for you.

When I reached the VLCC center, my skin was analyzed and we decided to do the White Nuerogist facial on my skin, as I complained about tanning.

So normally this facial does not include steam or use of any equipment like frequency or galvanizing machine. But since I had blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and chin, which were deeply rooted, the VLCC beauty team decided to skip the peel and add steam and blackhead/whitehead extraction to the facial.

So we started off with the cleanser, then the scrub, and then like I mentioned above, instead of the peel we did the steam and blackhead extraction. And then came the toner.
The real magic, started after this.
A relaxing massage with a cream from Belle Wave's range. The massage was firm, smooth and concentrated on pressure points; I felt like I was ready to doze off.
After the massage, they applied a cream based mask. and it was allowed to dry for 5 minutes. And after that a mousse mask was applied on top of the cream mask. This was given 15 minutes to dry.
Then the mask was removed and a sunscreen was applied on my face.

Then the beautician left the room, and while I was changing my clothes, I noticed my face in the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised, my face looked really fresh and so much lighter. The tan was definitely gone.
I was really impressed.
The facial is priced at Rs. 3,999 plus taxes.
My Review:
The massage was relaxing, the products really showed results, which impressed me. The hygiene level maintained at the the VLCC center was really high and the staff is polite and professional. I loved the fact that they customized the facial to suit the needs of my skin.
The price felt on a higher range, but for the kind of service you get and the after effects of the facial, it was totally worth it.
Would I do it again: Absolutely. Maybe not every month, but quarterly for sure.

Disclaimer: I was provided the service free of cost, but the opinions expressed here are totally mine and unbiased.


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