Thursday 31 May 2018

Bike Bandit – Your biking Gear Genie

Just after I came out of the movie theatre having watched Madhuri Dixit’s “Bucket List” where she, who is a heart transplant recipient, embarks on a brilliantly liberating journey of completing her donor’s Bucket List. Now I know that movies are supposed to be entertainment, and one should not dwell too much once they are over, but this time it got me thinking – hard! Given that life today is so unpredictable, shouldn’t I, who is in her mid-thirties, also start ticking off some items off my bucket list too?

So I immediately fished out my old scrapbook and started scrolling through my precious bucket list to firstly rejuvenate my memory and secondly to see if I have actually accomplished any of the wishes on there. To my dismay, one of the top items on my list was to learn to ride a bike, and I had no head start there, whatsoever. I immediately called up a friend of mine, who is majorly into bike riding and explained my predicament. He was quite helpful and we decided that he would teach me how to ride a bike on all weekend mornings, so no worries there! But my problems were not solved yet; the next worry was to buy correct and safe (and hopefully stylish too!) biking gear.
Just when I was ankle deep in biking gear shopping worries and questions, the same friend pulled another rabbit from his hat, by the name of I spent the next couple of hours going through the details on this site, and trust me I was hooked on the spot. Bikebandit has all the biking gear and accessories you can think of along with appropriate suggestions and a live chat option for apt advice.


What’s more is that they have a stunning collection of cheap motorcycle jackets; which are extremely stylish but do not necessarily burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Having now equipped myself with the coolest biking gear from, I am all set to tick off a very ambitious item off my bucket list, how about you?!

-Gouri Patwardhan
 For So-Saree


  1. Loving the biking jackets!



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