Saturday 1 September 2018

My Indian Baby Shower / Dohale Jewan

Godh Bharai/Oti Bharan/Dohale Jewan/Seemantham/Khora are different names for the India version of baby shower in different states of India.
Unlike the baby showers in the West, these tradition is followed only when the lady is pregnant with her first baby. 
Even before I was pregnant, I always knew I wanted to have a traditional baby shower for myself, unlike the western version which is quite popular even in India.
Since my husband and me both come from different states of India, we have different traditions
associated with a baby shower. And like always, I wanted to follow both.
So as per Marathi Baby shower aka Oti Bharan/Dohale Jewan traditions I wore a green saree and jewellery made from fresh flowers, and as per the Kutchi Baby Shower aka Khora we played games and followed rituals that are specific to Kutchi baby showers.
For this special occasion I picked up a Paithani Saree in the combination of green and pink, and paired it with minimalist temple jewellery as I wanted the floral jewellery to dominate my outfit.
The venue for the event was our home, my makeup artist was my dear friend/beauty blogger and bhabhi Manisha of Manimatters, the party planners and decorators were my husband and MIL, and the photographer was my dear friend Deepali. In short, it was totally a family event. We hosted the simple ceremony with close family members and I had the best time feeling pampered and loved.
Scroll down for the pictures.

Saree: Peshwai (Pune)


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