Monday 10 September 2018

My Indian Maternity Photoshoot & Tips to Survive it !

My baby was due in August 2017 and my bump wasn't really showing until I was 8 months pregnant, so I had scheduled to do my maternity shoot somewhere in July 2017.
However, July also happens to be the peak monsoon season in Mumbai, and it really took a lot to convincing...
a) My mom, to let me shoot in the rains. (Come on Mom, I am 30+ now!)
b) My husband, to do silly poses with me for a maternity shoot.

I know..My family is sooo boring...just like me! (Ha!)
So after all the convincing and planning we finally decided on a Saturday to shoot my maternity pics.
And exactly on that day it rains cats and dogs.
So what do we do...we just go ahead and finish the shoot.
And the fact that I had planned to wear 2 sarees and a punjabi suit for my outdoor shoot did not help the cause either.

So, now that you know the real chaos that went behind this shoot, I am sure you will appreciate it more. Just like I do. :)
Special thanks to my friend and photographer Deepali for bearing with my whims and demands and clicking these perfect shots I will cherish for life.
And my hair and makeup artist, Rituja, for making my dull and swollen face look glowy and pretty.
What would I do without you guys! :*

But before we move on to the pics, I wanted to compile a short list of tips for making your maternity shoot easy and memorable.
1)Speak to your photographer and plan not only your outfits and locations in advance, but also your poses. It really helps when you are prepared.
For the poses, do some research, check out your friends pics or simply google to find poses you like.
2)Comfortable shoes is the key to a successful maternity shoot. Posing, prancing or even dancing with high heels/uncomfortable shoes will be a definite spoiler
especially when you cant see what's under your feet thanks to the big heavy baby bump. So choose the most comfortable shoes for the shoot, as they will not just keep your feet happy
but your bump safe as well.
3) I would totally recommend carrying some water/juices and some snacks for the shoot. After all, you never know, when the momma might feel hungry or thirsty.
4) And last but not the least, the most important thing that you need for a successful maternity photo shoot is the right attitude. Remember, pregnancy is a boon.
It is a privilege not enjoyed by everyone. Cherish this gift and proceed with the photoshoot without any qualms. You might look fat, fatigued and swollen, but hey...
that's really a small thing compared to the magnanimity of the cause...your Baby. So smile, pose and kill that photoshoot, because you are celebrating womanhood, you are celebrating motherhood ...You are Celebrating YOURSELF!

And here are the pictures!




And last but not the least. My favourite from the lot. :)

Photography: Deepali Suryawanshi Photography
Hair And Makeup: Revamp By Rituja


  1. Pre Wedding Shoot good guide and very helpful tips of photography thanks for sharing thise guide.

  2. Hi where did you buy the first pink saree from, would be good to know the suggestions. Thank you



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