Saturday 9 May 2020

Confessions of a New(?) Mom

First things first. Happy Mothers day to everyone.
Next, how long after the birth of your baby can you still be termed a new mom?
My baby is almost 3 now, and I still flaunt this term unabashedly.
Why? Maybe because I am still holding on to those last few kilos of baby weight.
Maybe because I am still struggling with motherhood or maybe because life will never be the same now.

Whatever the reason, I am a new mom and maybe I will be one, even after my baby turns 30. Who knows?

So here's a list of this new mom's confessions, garnered over my almost 3 years of motherhood experience.
  • All my life I have feared the child birthing process. But apparently it turns out to be the easiest part of motherhood. The second easiest thing is changing a dirty diaper. Rest assured everything else is just out of syllabus.

  • No matter however healthy lifestyle I follow I am perennially tired. And, no matter how ever tired I am, a single stupid demand from my daughter and I am on my toes to fulfill it. It's a vicious circle.

  • I have started enjoying going out to work more, after I became a mom. #noshame
  • Baby's nap time is my official happy hour. 

  • When I am alone and not thinking of anything particular you will find me humming Baby Shark Do Do Doo Doo. That's my jam! ;)
  • I have always respected my mother for the kind of mom she is. Always punctual, very loving, highly patient and perennially smiling. But now I respect every mother. The ones who are grumpy, the ones who are whining, the ones who are late, the ones who lose their shit in public, and the ones who struggle with everything. I feel you, I respect you, and maybe I Am You!

  • Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and think did I really give birth to this being beside me?
  • I regret to say this, but I am the kind of mother whose good day depends on whether her baby ate all her meals properly. If not, you better not come close to me. And if my baby asks me Katappa Ne Bahubali  Ko Kyu Maara, I tell her because Bahubali refused to eat his food. #truestory

  • This is my third year as a mother and even this year no one will do anything to celebrate me. I think it will take me another 10 years to get used to this fact.


  1. The kept humming,mother finger mother finger where are you.....I still do,my son is 5 now😃

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