Saturday 16 May 2020

#SelfLove in Times of Quarantine

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity and a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.
Being an optimist (or trying to be one), in this quarantine situation, I saw a lot of opportunity to get back to self love which I had been ignoring since the birth of my daughter.
A happy mom makes a happy child. And hence, I decided to do something that made me happy. This is what self care means to me:
  • Cooking my favorite food and eating it too, but skipping those unnecessary snacks and binge eating.
  • 30 minutes of Surya Namaskars every single day. You will be surprised how it relaxes the tiniest muscles of your body after a full day of zhaadu pocha, bartan and cooking.
  • 1 teaspoon of Chyawanprash twice a day and sipping on hot water from time to time.
  • Face masks atleast once a week while I simultaneously try to scare away my toddler. Entertaining eff. ;)
  • Tel maalish aka hair oil massage every week. And not washing it off the next day.
  • Doing something which I have not done before. Case in point baking a cake and giving haircuts.
  • Watching a movie on weekends, sometimes even alone, if no one else is interested.
  • Calling and chatting with friends atleast once a week, and indulging in harmless gossip. 
  • Reading online, whenever I get time.
  • Getting back to blogging and that includes dressing up and forcing my husband to click my pictures minus the face on my building terrace. I had almost forgotten how that felt.
The list looks pretty long but takes a few minutes of my day. Apart from taking care of our families, lets not forget ourself.

Outfit Details:
Top: Ajio
Trousers: Shoppers Stop
Watch: CK
Bracelet, Earrings: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Rayban
Clutch: Limeroad


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