Monday 19 April 2021

Mother's Day Special: Twinning Outfits Courtesy Fabcurate

As promised in my last post, today I am going to reveal what I bought from Fabcurate.
Like I have mentioned before, I was having a tough time choosing what I like, coz seriously I was spoiled for choice and I literally loved everything they had.
Then I decided to simplify the process by asking myself, what I have wanted to buy for the longest time, but couldn't due to some reason.
Bingo....Florals was the answer.
My next question, what fabric would I like?
Frankly, I am a huge fan of organza and I have been wanting to buy it for the longest time but I haven't yet, because I have owned organza fabrics in the past and I found them a bit tough to carry. Also, Fabcurate's collection of organza fabrics was making me literally crave it.

But, I finally decided on Japan Satin. They are easy to carry and always look so beautiful.
I have always loved the soft and shiny texture and it's fall makes it perfect for sarees.
Since now my search was narrowed down I could focus better.
Fabcurate has the most stunning floral printed fabrics and after a lot of going back and forth, I zeroed down on this Dark Brown and Peach Floral Pattern Digital Print Japan Satin Fabric.

We used the fabric to create a saree and a summer dress for my daughter Ishanvi and had so much fun twinning.
The best part about choosing this fabric was that Ishanvi loved the feel of it on her body and wasn't at all irritable. It's buttery soft and very comfortable for kids to wear.
So scroll down to see how we wore it.
Right on time, before Mother's Day.


But this is not it, there's one more fabric I bought.

But to know about that, you will have to wait a bit longer.



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