Monday 27 January 2014

Inspired By Nikhil Thampi.

Hello everyone ..
Did you know, that So-Saree gets maximum views whenever we do a nail art post?
That gives me one more reason to blog about them. :)
The So-Nails section on So-Saree is my favorite too, and to those who complain that I don't post my pics on the blog, thanks to this feature, at least you get to see my hands. ;)

Today's post is very special. Because it's inspired by one of my favorite designers.
Nikhil Thampi.
I am sure this man needs no introduction but to those who don't know about him..Plz help yourself.
Jokes apart..Nikhil Thampi is a name that has become synonymous with sophisticated elegance. He has been making a lot of heads turn on and off the ramp. If you have been following So-Saree's Facebook Page, you would know exactly, why we are so crazy about him. Thanks to him, most of our celebrities do not have to fret over, what to wear for red carpet events and this.. from a person who has no formal training in fashion.
And since I couldn't hide my admiration for this man any longer I decided to create a nail art using Nikhil Thampi's very famous fish motif.
The Inspiration. 
My weak attempt at recreating it.

I received this Mug from Kazo coz I won a Giveaway on Debi's Blog.
This is my Tiger Paw Pose. But my husband prefers to call it the Road-Side Beggar Pose.(lol)

I created the fish motifs using Nail Art Sketch Pens, and nail colours by VOV.
While it might take me a few more years until I actually bring a Nikhil Thampi home, this nail art enabled me to own a piece of NT without much ado. Wot say?
Hope you like it.
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