Thursday 15 April 2021

Fabcurate: A Solution to all your Fabric Sourcing Needs

''In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic. ''

As simple as this quote sounds, it is easier said than done. In today's fast world, everyone wants to own the latest trends, latest designs and latest gadgets and they want it fast, because you know fashion changes really fast, and most want to be at the top of their game always.
I have to admit that I have been guilty of this, especially in my 20's for obvious reasons. I was young, carefree and earning my own money. But over the years I realized that most pieces I bought would go out of fashion very quickly and since the clothes were hardly used, I felt bad to dispose them off. That's when I realized and decided I needed to build a classic and staple wardrobe, that I could even pass on to my daughter. I stopped my bulk purchases from the malls and restricted them to only special or emergency occasions. I started buying fabrics of my choice and then got them tailor stitched to suit my likes and body type. I kept my purchases in check by mostly wearing stuff borrowed from my mom and sister.
While this process made be more mindful and less anxious, it also got me addicted to the process of sourcing the right fabrics for my outfits. I loved my trips to Crawford market, Nalli's and Gandhi Market in Mumbai in search of the perfect fabric. But with Covid everything changed. I haven't shopped for fabrics for, I don't even remember how long.

So, when the people at Fabcurate approached me for a collaboration, I literally felt like my prayers were answered.
Fabcurate is India's largest online fabric store that ships worldwide. Based out of Surat, Gujarat-the textile capital of the country, Fabcurate sources fabrics directly from traditional fabric merchants who are the masters of traditional craft.

Fabcurate came into existence recognizing the need of making the best fabrics available to all the creators out there without any “MINIMUM QUANTITY LIMIT”. Yes, that's right!
Fabcurate doesn’t only give you a plethora of premium fabrics to choose from but also gives you an opportunity to order the quantity of your choice.

One look at the website and I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was literally spoiled for choice. Chanderi, organza, velvet, satin, silk, cotton, chiffon, denim, brasso, mulmul, muslin, rayon, georgette... the list is endless.

They have dyed fabrics, printed fabrics, pleated fabrics and even embroidered fabrics apart from all kinds of Indian craft fabrics like ajrak, ikat, kantha, shibori, kalamkari, benerasi, dabu, bandhani and what not.

They stock fabrics for not just clothing but also for home decor.

And if you are looking for something exclusive, Fabcurate gives you the option to get your favourite design printed on the fabric of your choice. That way you can create something really unique and interesting.

All you have to do is:
Select A Design
Choose A Fabric, and
Place Order

So, what are you thinking about? Check out their website and get your creative juices flowing as you create your favorite styles with Fabcurate.
Want to know, what I ordered? Well... you will have to wait a little to find out.


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