Thursday 6 June 2013

Inspired by Didi

Hello everyone..I hope you are doing fine...
and the weather in your part of the world is a little better than mine..{WOW..thats rhymes..!;)}
coz in Mumbai its freaking Hot...and Sweltering.

Speaking of Freak reminds me....did I tell you guys about my Sister??
(Haa..I love writing this blog..!)
If not, hear me now. I am the youngest of the two daughters to my super cool parents and my elder sister Jagruti has always been like a Guiding Angel to me.(See..I can make amends)
The best part of being the younger you are matter how old u get..and they will be matter how young they are..!(silly grin)

Okay Didi (that's wot I call her) is like the coolest sister you can ever have..who loves to shop, eat n read..just like me.
But she is also overly protective and critical when it comes to me..and hence voices her opions very strongly especially about my blog posts.
The only person who's feedback I fear about my blog is hers..coz somewhere deep down..I know she talks sense.
So coming back to Didi.. whenever we discuss or talk about So-Saree..she will always question my authority (with a straight face) to write a fashion blog..!
and I laugh it off by saying that So-Saree is a Lifestyle blog and not a Fashion blog.
So the last time, I told her that So-Saree is a lifestyle blog..she blatantly said..but I can't see anything other than fashion related stuff on your blog..!
And that was like a much needed eye opener for me.
So... the purpose of writing this whole Ramayan aka story..was to justify the topic that I am discussing today.

I have already cribbed a lot about my crazy everyday schedule and that how after I started blogging, I hardly have any time left to do anything else. But I think..I missed telling you one more thing..!
Weeks after I started blogging I started experiencing acute backaches (I do not blame my blog for's just a reference point). Blame it on my sedentary lifestyle..but I was in pain. And though I was working out in the gym (for a sad meager 30 mins..something is better than nothing), I felt my posture was not feeling fine.
And this is what I resorted to... SuryaNamaskar.
Believe me..this is like the best thing that has happened to mankind.[ After Sunscreen of course. ;)]

Surya Namaskar literally means Salutation to the Sun...a deity in Indian Mythology.
To know more about it..ask Wiki.
So Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 Aasanas..which when practiced with the right postures gives you a complete body work out.
Surya Namaskar used to be a vital part of my workout schedule during the college days..but as you grow tend to take some things for granted.. resort to quick returns in short time..and before you already know the rest.!! So Never Mind..!
So, this is how I started..
I started rising 15 mins earlier than my regular time..and did 12 SuryaNamaskars every morning.
The first day was bad..and I was surprised how stiff my body had become over the years. Every Aasana ended with a grunt hurt..but I felt good.
15 mins..and I was done.
The grunting session continued for a week..but then my body got more comfortable with the Aasanas.

My Verdict:
15 mins..15 days..and I am proud to say..Backache gone.
Of course I didn't stop at that..and I do Surya Namaskar till date..!
I do recommend it to's just great.

A video presentation of Surya Namaskar by Isha Sharwani..'s Isha for heaven sake..SO IT'S OK..if ur posture is not as perfect as hers.
Have you tried Surya Namaskar Yet?

Hope you are following us on Facebook !!!

P.S. Sometimes I feel we as Indians are fortunate to be so culturally rich ..but we tend to forget an attempt to ape something that we are not. :(


  1. hahaha lovd ur aka story ;)

  2. thanx for sharing this Aditi! I am definitely gonna try it; not sure how will be my postures though ;)

    <3 from:

    1. My Pleasure Oeendree..u will be just try it.

  3. wow....Now even I am scared of your Didi :)

    1. Ha..she does have that effect on a lot of ppl.

  4. U are lucky , coz I have a younger sis, and she is hardly interested in any of my gyaan. And yes, I swear by 25 suryanamskar too everyday, I think i need to increase my count too.. feel blessed to be a part of this culture, and enjoy the true Indian aka desi stuff in life.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

    1. Yes Surbhi..I am indeed lucky. Glad to know, you do suryanamaskar too.

  5. Loved reading the post :) Wonder what was your Didi's reaction after reading the Ramayan :D
    You are so right. We have everything in our culture to live a healthy and satified life, but we run behind western influences. This is good when it changes our conservative outlook, but not so much when it comes to diet and exercise. Thanks for motivating me to do SuryaNamaskar everyday :)

    1. M glad u liked the post..havent got didi's reaction yet..but i m sure i will enjot it.

  6. Sisters are a true bless, I have younger too :)
    Wanna follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin?
    If interested and you like my blog let me know and I'll follow back.
    Stardust Stain Blog
    Stardust Stain on Bloglovin'
    Lots of love,

    1. Followed you back dear, GFC and Bloglovin.
      Have a nice weekend.

    2. Thanks tina..sure sisters r a blessing.

  7. You have interesting posts and the blog) With pleasure will subscribe for it, I hope for reciprocity))

  8. Lovely post Aditi! I'm a big fan of yoga and suryanamaskar myself.. It's a great workout even for losing weight.. keep adding 2 more each day ;)

    1. Thanks Shreeja..i always feel i need to do more..just trying to find some time.

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  10. aww so happy to have a sister like that
    check out my blog?

  11. Great post,dear:)

    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  12. Tried and tested! This works wonders!!

  13. great !!!
    Maybe we follow each other?!
    Let me know :)

    greetings :)

  14. Being an only child, I can feel how lucky you guys are :) I never did surynamaskar though :(

    Bong's Belleza.

    1. Aaww..dont feel bad..being an only child has its advantages too.
      But u shud surely try Surya Namaskar.

  15. Speaking of Freak reminds me....did I tell you guys about my Sister??
    How didn't she kill you after reading this line. Heehee...
    Like always info-packed post. Am climbing staircases for my daily dose of exercise, will surely try suryanamaskar too.

    1. the fact that i m typing this only proves that she dint kill me..coz she knows her teekha feedback is enuf to make me go kill myself.
      stairs..i did them too during college..helps in losing the lower body fat.

  16. I am really wondering how the blog started with Sister and ended with Suryanamaskar.... i was expecting loads of praises about Jag's
    Anyways... good post....



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