Thursday 13 June 2013

Jiah Khan_A Lesson to Learn.

Ever since, the Jiah Khan Suicide case made it to the headlines, it's been a total chaos.
News Channels, Newspapers, Magazines and blogs have been featuring stories about Jiah and her life.

As far as I am concerned..I wouldn't say, I wasn't affected at all..but yes I was a little less affected.
But from the day, I read her suicide note (which by the way still needs to be verified and authenticated) I have been deeply hurt.

If the contents of the letter are assumed to be true.. then
YES..Jiah went through a lot.. her life was a mess.
But was suicide the only solution?? The only Let Out?

If people start ending their lives over a failed relationship, I guess we would hardly have any people we know around us. Coz I am sure most of them have been heartbroken at least once in their life.

Lessons to learn from Jiah Khan's Suicide Case..(It's no Gyaan ..just my thoughts..!!)
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • Future/ settling down..does not mean marriage and kids.
  • Love and Marriage as shown on television and movies is shit most of the flush it off your system once you are done enjoying them. They only create unrealistic expectations.
  • Professional Success does not necessarily mean you are successful in life..nor does being married or living in a big house with big bucks does... Success is when you are happy and content.
  • Happily Ever After will always be in fairy real will happy, sad, angry, frustrating and even worse... but remember where there is darkness there will be light. All you have to do is let the night pass...And you will be Victorious Ever After.
    Much better I say..!
  • We live in a society for sure...but we do not live for them or vice versa. So do things..that you feel are right.
  • No one in this world loves you more than rely only on that person to make you happy.
  • God is the knower of future and not the don't blame him.
    But also remember, God helps those who helps themselves.

    Jiah decided to end her life for a person who didn't love her..
    I wonder why couldn't she have chosen to live for the people who loved her.
    Let me end this post with the wise words of Rhonda Byrne
    No-one is destined to live a life of poverty, because each of us has the ability to change everything in this life. The law of attraction is the law of creation, and it allows each person to create the life they want. Every person has their own unique circumstances to overcome, but every single person has the opportunity to achieve anything - and change everything.
    RIP Jiah Khan!
    May Better Sense Prevail.

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  1. Beautiful post Aditi! Very well written and so true! Me and doc have been together for 14 years now and been married for last 7 years... still we fight, get frustrated with each other and again at the end of day we feel the love between us... also feel how boring it would be without fighting, shouting with each other... that's probably the case always in real world. You always must give everything the time its needed...
    can not agree more: if you are happy, you are successful; and no one make you happy except yourself!

    <3 from:

  2. Loved this post Aditi! I agree word to word.. She definitely did not take a wise decision, and left us with so many lessons to learn!

  3. very nice...............

  4. True that Aditi...Jiah suicide is pure non-sense...I just couldn't understand that after being in flim Industry where every step is a challenge, she must have learnt to be strong and not accept this doormat behavior from anyone!

  5. HAve you ever thought about writing a book. I really love the way you pen down your thoughts.
    I think is the best article I have read about 'Jiah Khan-Suicide'.
    Best line ever: Every single person has the opportunity to achieve anything and change everything.

    1. Thank u Shivali..i missed u soo much..!
      n u pamper me real bad..!

  6. it seems like an abused woman with stockholm syndrome..and there are so many women who would put up with all this cheating, rape, abuse for the man who they presume to love all over the world. she had a choice to walk away from this man but she chose to end her life.

  7. It is our culture that does not promote girls to love themselves. If we love ourself then we would respect ourselves much more, value ourselves much more. Loving oneself is the best source of self esteem...we keep forgetting that. I wish she had more self esteem. I wish she was stronger...

    1. True Rupa..All our scriptures, mythology will always immortalise women who sacrifice for everyone..n the ones who think abt their own well being...will go down as vamps in history.
      Male Chauvanism at its best.

  8. Agree with what you say, Aditi.
    But you know what, depression and abuse does this to you. You do not believe that there is anything left or that you deserve anything better. I don't know whether Jiah spoke about this to anyone or had counselling. When anyone is going through what her letter suggests, they need to talk, relieve their feelings and even get counselling. Given that she was a public figure, I can understand that she might have found it difficult to truly talk with someone. Because she needed to be told to get out of this relationship a long while ago. I wish someone had realized what she was going through and just talked to her. What a waste of a beautiful life :(

    1. Even I agree with what u have said here.
      Whateva i have said..i also feel..its easier said than done.

  9. A brilliant post Aditi..I whole heartedly agree that no one can make you feel worthless if you don't take it on board..and I am a big lover of "the secret" too! The opportunity/change will come if one desires it deeply.. :-)

  10. I know it's wrong to judge.. we don't know what she went through.. but yes suicide is a crime and not a solution..

    1. True Rajvi..not trying to be judgemental at all.

  11. Hi Aditi,
    Very well written.All the points you have mentioned above are deeper in meaning and one much learn from it.
    On one fine morning I was having tea and I read about death of Jiah Khan I was completely moved.I completely agree to your saying that success is when you are happy and content. Satisfaction plays a very important role in life.
    I can just say may her soul rest in peace.

  12. Very well written Aditi! Couldn't agree more with you on this : "I wonder why couldn't she have chosen to live for the people who loved her."!


    Bong's Belleza

  13. suicide is so hard on everyone!
    great post!
    Following you now!

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  14. This is sweet... I didn't know about this case but it really breaks my heart that she let this man's mistreatment of her define herself. I think our culture also contributes to this by attributing women's value to their ability to attract and keep men, instead of being the strong individuals they are so capable and worthy of being.

    1. Thanks for the comment Isa..i truly agree with you.

  15. Great post! I agree, strenth and hope comes from within. No one else can be your rock if you are not steady yourself! May she rest in peace. Such a young age to die:-( Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  16. I really wish that she would have somehow survived.
    It is important to reach out to people you care about, and let them know that you are there for them. Maybe Jiah would have not committed suicide if she had friends to guide her out of that abusive relationship.
    God bless her soul.

  17. It was a great loss. But i love your words, strength surely comes from within and no matter what, one needs to be steady like after all life goes on. Anyhow, i m your new follower via gfc, hope you will visit my blog and follow me back!

  18. Seriously! Women should stand up for themselves and fight back.. if only she told someone close, about her pain then she'd be here bashing that pancholi.. RIP Jiah
    Well written post!

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  19. Tragic indeed. Hope she finds in death what she couldn't find in life. RIP Jiah Khan.

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  21. I agree with you. Very well written and what happened was so sad :(

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  22. Nice post Aditi.. very truly said that relationship, marriage, success are all just a part of life and not life itself.. nothing.. absolutely nothing is more important that loving and respecting yourself.. her suicide was truly sad and the letter was indeed really disturbing.. to know a girl so modern and educated would take so much non-sense from a man..
    Love the line you have written in bold about living for people who love u rather than dying for some1 who doesnt..

  23. So true! Suicide definitely is the easy way out! Living with the ordeal, and coming out of it is what fighters do! We should be grateful for the life that we have and try to make the most out of it!
    I love your statement about living for the people who love you!
    We did not decide our birth and hence we should never decide how we die! Let death come the way it is destined and enjoy life till then!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  24. Wish Jiah was alive and could read this.. she would have really been inspired to live a more meaningful life than end it for a worthless person...

  25. Hi....I just visited your blog for the first time. I loved this article.

  26. nice thought Aditi, well written.... Life is indeed a game. Sometimes you win, sometime you loose..... how you take it in your heart matters.... but ending life is not the solution.... you get this life only once... so live it...

  27. i do echo your thoughts dear. why can't people just let go those whom they think they are in love with! i know that is difficult but one has to self-fish at times, rise above 'what the society will feel' stigma, gather a lil bit of courage and just let go!! suicide is no solution... won't get into the debate of whether it is an act of heroism (as they say, to commit a suicide, one needs a lot of courage) or an act of cowardice!

  28. I think you summed it all up pretty well Aditi!
    Taking your own life is only the short cut...the escapist way out. But living that life on your own terms, rising from the pain & loving yourself enough to make those you love happy is what makes us stronger & better as a person!

  29. very nice post.



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