Tuesday 11 June 2013

My Monsoon Essentials Wish List..!!!

It's Raining..Hallelujah..!!!

Actually it's raining cats and dogs in Mumbai.
Also this is proof that GOD himself reads So-Saree's blog posts.

Don't believe me..???
Please do..!
Or else what could possibly explain the fact that it starts pouring minutes after I publish my last post, cribbing about the hot and sweltering weather in Mumbai...!!
You see..God seems to like me too much and does follow my posts religiously..!!!;)

Alright....Alright..No More Kidding..!!!
Since the Rain God has finally showed some mercy on us, why not please him and thank him for the lovely showers.
And what better way than to meet and embrace him in style.

My Monsoon Essentials Wish List...
I really want each one of them...I know I am greedy..but I am sure once you scroll down you wouldn't blame me a bit.

  • Gum Boots Vs Crocs/Rainy Sandals:
    I hated Gum Boots as a child and my mom forced me to wear them. I so envied my sister in her rainy sandals..they seemed so cool that time. Mom said I could only wear them once I was old enough to take good care of myself. But now, I want to go back to the Gum Boots. I really do. I hate walking in the murky waters and puddles especially if I am on my way to work, or some meet.
    Gum boots are definitely more functional ..but as far as the cuteness quotient of Crocs is concerned..not many can beat them. Tell me which one do you like?


  • Rain Coats Vs Umbrellas:
    Same story again..I was forced to wear a raincoat to school, while my sister carried colorful umbrellas in the rain. I whined, cried, complained..but then..I did not know ..when I would be be big enough to take care of myself. [And now I whine and complain coz I am a grown up and have to take care of everything myself..! :( ]
    Fast Forward to today..I own raincoats as well as umbrellas..n though I find raincoats more functional and easy to carry, I limit them only to my shopping trips and casual strolls. While Umbrellas constitute a part of my work wear or formal wear wardrobe.

  • Shorts:
    Though Monsoons are always welcome in Mumbai, the one thing that I hate most about them, is when the the lower hem of your clothes gets wet, and you can't get rid of them until you get home. That's why I feel shorts are much better and way too functional for the rainy season. So what better time to flaunt those toned legs than monsoons. Get out in the rains in your fav shorts to escape the wet and soggy nightmares.

  • Three Fourths/Capris:
For the more conservative types or for those who are plain lazy to wax their legs during monsoons, three- fourths are a safe bet.
Take a look at the lovelies..I want them all.
  • Sarees:
    And if you are thinking about how to wear your sarees during monsoons, take a look below and see for yourself.

Tada..The Monsoon Saree..what do you guys say..???

Happy Monsoons Everyone..!

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  1. heehee ya ya God reads only So Saree blog :D ;)
    and not to forget loved the umbrellas the leopard print one and the flower one :)

  2. lol at the saree..the crocs posted by you are pretty cute.. but ive seen some ugly ones too..

  3. Great post:)
    I am your follower:)

  4. wish it rains cats n dogs here too . Its so damn hot here, how about posting about delhi heat in ur post, maybe god would be kind to us..lol
    I can nott imagine even in my wildest to do that sari ! would love to see the tutorial, if u find any let me know.

    1. Sure Surbhi..I think I am well equipped to handle all isuues thru my blog..so readers plz send me a list of all your problems.
      N u dont need a tutorial for that saree..just hand it over to ur daughter..she will do a good job at it.

  5. the monsoon saree is just too funny!!!
    love the umbrellas and colourful boots!i wish i had those as a kid..

    1. U can still wear those boots..it wud be fun.

  6. Hahahaha .. that last pic cracked me up! My mom-in-law would faint if I wore that. But I do love it and wish i could wear it :D

    I loved the sunflower umbrella! And havent worn rain coats in like 20 years! Given the state of Mumbai rains, nothing can help you - raincoats or umbrellas :)


    1. Ha..i think evn i wud faint if i saw u in that saree..nevertheless u wud look hot.
      Raincoats r still better than umbrellas for mumbai i feel.

  7. LOL, the last picture is my kinda gal!! ;-)
    BTW, I just ordered rainboots and love wearing them, even if it is just cloudy:-) It has been raining in East Coast regularly for couple of weeks and I also hate walking in puddles with no protection! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  8. haha..that saree..amazing!
    Some of those are my essentials too..those umbrellas are too good!

    Following you..hope you'll do the same.
    Maybe you have time to check my new post :)
    Surabhi :)

  9. Nice post! :) Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  10. Hi! You have a nice blog. Would you like to follow each other?
    Audrey and Pearl

    Especially the umbrellas. I am so inspired that I am going to paint mine soon.
    And I too shared the love/hate relationship with gumboots.

  12. That is a cute list indeed, I've seen some pretty awesome crocs when I was in Singapore, people seem to love them there! The monsoon saree is quite creative:-D..love your sense of humour Aditi!

  13. Ha ha ha... That saree is so funny!!! I'm rolling on the floor, laughing!!!! Lolz!!!
    Btw, I'm really after a nice pair of Gumboots - a stylish, and economical one....
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  14. Monsoon must haves on my blog - http://livemodish.com/2013/06/29/monsoon-must-haves/

    -Kreena :D

  15. Great post!!That saree is hilarious!!

  16. Hi Aditi,

    I am new to mumbai and these rains are tormenting me. Please suggest where can i buy some nice raincoats and especially clear bags and gumboots- economically. It would be a great help.


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  18. nice post on monsoon season accessories



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