Thursday 12 September 2013

Krishna and the Syamantaka Jewel.

Hello Everyone..
Ganesh Utsav is proceeding on a full swing in Mumbai and I am loving every bit of it.
Work has been keeping me away from visting most of the Ganesh Pandals, but I intend to make the most of it during the weekend.
Like I promised in my last post, I am going to tell you a way to redeem oneself from the curse of the moon.
What if you accidently see the moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi??
You need not worry, as we have an anitidote for it. For that, you just have to be patient and read the story I have written below. It sure looks long, but is an interesting one.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Satrajit was a nobleman of the Yadava dynasty and a big devotee of Surya or the Sun God.  Humbled and pleased by his devotion, the Sun God had presented him with a jewel called Syamantaka. This jewel is believed to posess magical powers and would mutiply the weath of the owner. It is also mentioned in some religious literatures that wherever this jewel is worshipped there would be no poverty..ever.
And hence, Lord Krishna had requested Satrajit to hand this jewel to Ugrasen who was the Supreme Leader of the Yadavas, so that the entire dynasty could benefit from it. But Satrajit had blatantly refused the Lord.
Once Satrajit had given the jewel to his brother to wear it, who went hunting adorning the jewel. Unfortunately, he was attacked and killed by a lion. This lion seeing the gleaming jewel, decided to take it with him to his cave.
On his way, the lion spotted a bear nearby, and he attacked the bear to make him his meal.
This bear was actually Jambavan, the king of Bears who had helped Lord Rama in his fight against Ravana.
Jambavan, beingh his mighty self, defeated and killed the lion in no time. He took the jewel to his cave and gave it to his children to play.
Soon the news of Prasena gone missing spread like wild fire. Satrajit did not take a minute to accuse Krishna of his brother's death, to acquire the Syamantaka jewel.

On hearing this false accusation, Lord Krishna decided to investigate this matter himself, to wipe off the stain of his reputation. Krishna started tracking Prasena's footseps which led him to the jungle. There he finally landed up at Jambavan's cave. Seeing the jewel there, Lord Krishna requested Jambavan to hand him the jewel, but Jambavan seeing him as an intruder, challenged him for a fight.

The fight lasted for about 28 days, after which Jambavan started feeling weak. That is when he realised that the person he was fighting should be a divine being. He recognized Lord Krishna and offered his apologies. He then handed over the jewel to Lord Krishna and also the hand of his beautiful daughter Jambavati.
Lord Krishna accepted both. He then returned to Dwarka and surrendered the jewel to Satrajit after narrating him the entire story. Satrajit felt sorry fo his doings and to make ammends requested Lord Krishna to accept the jewel and the hand of his lovely daughter Satyabhama.
Lord Krishna accepted the hand of Satyabhama but refused to accept the jewel.

This is the story of Krishna and the Syamantaka jewel.
So, how is this story connected to the story of Ganpati and the cursed moon?
Let me elaborate a little.
Weeks later after this incident, Narada with an intension to seek Lord Krishna's Darshan decided to visit Dwarka. When he entered the Lord's room, he was surprised to see the Lord in a sad state of mind. When he prayed and requested the Lord to tell him the reason for his upset mood, Lord Krishna narrated him the above incident. He was happy that all this ended on a good note, but he wondered why did this have to happen in the first place. The whole incident and the accusations had caused the Lord a lot of agony and pain.
Though Lord Krishna is omnipotent and omnipresent, when they choose to be born as mortals, they make sure to abide and follows all rules applicable to normal mortal beings. And though Narada knew that the Lord, had complete knowledge of all the incidents and the reasons behind them, he decided to play along. Narada narrated Lord Krishna the entire story of Ganesh and the cursed moon, and reminded him of the curse that whoever sees the moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi shall be falsely accused. On hearing this story, Lord Krishna immediately recollected that he had seen the reflection of the moon on the precise same day.
He felt bad that if he himself had to face such hardships on seeing the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi, what would be the fate of ordinary mortal beings committing this act. And hence, Lord Krishna granted a boon that anyone who hears this story of Lord Krishna and the Syamantaka jewel, and how he proved all the false accusations on him to be untrue; shall be saved from the curse themselves. that was one long story, but at the end of it, atleast all of you reading it are curse proof.

What say?? ;)

Below are the glimpses of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival through my eyes. Hope you enjoy them.

The Choorme Ke Laddo that we made for Bappa. :)
The Saran wrap nails that I tried for the first time. Not too happy with it. :(

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  1. Ganpati Bappa Morya! Beautiful darshan of all the bappas and a great story:-) I like your rings!

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  7. Such sweet Ganapatis :) Ganesh Chathurti is one of my favorite festivals. I always have tears when Ganapati Bappa leaves at the end of 10 days :-(
    Thanks for sharing this lovely story. I did not know that you cannot look at the moon on Ganesh Chathurti. But now that I know this story, its ok ;-)

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