Thursday 26 September 2013

Review: Lake Pavna Resort-Lonavla.

Just like I promised, I am here to write about my latest trip to Lonavla. (By latest I mean 3 months ago. That's like centuries in the blog world..but I guess my readers have learned to excuse my procastination..or so I would like to assume.wink)

Trips to Lonavla always make me happy, but this time it was much more.

Because.. we were putting up at The Lake Pavna Resort- A Club Mahindra Property. I had read several reviews about this one and was so glad, as all of them were really good.

At the time we left, it was drizzling in Mumbai. The weather was lovely and so beautiful.
Wonder how rains can have a soothing effect on you when you are leaving on a holiday, and the exact opposite when you are leaving for work.

It was a long drive, but so green and serene, and by the time we reached Lonavla it was raining like crazy. It takes a little longer to reach this place, as this resort is on the outskirts of the main Lonavla city.
From the moment we stepped on this Club Mahindra felt like a dream. The scenic beauty that surrounds this resort is mind-blowing, and too good to be true. While on one side you have the Lake Pavna gorgeously stretching till your eyes can reach, the other side is the hill view which did a disappearing act every now and then... thanks to the cloudy weather.

The reception area is beautifully done and the staff is really sweet and helpful.
Though we had requested for a Lake view room, due to heavy bookings, we were allotted a Hill View room which was not bad at all. (Tip: Please book in advance, coz this place was booked entirely even on a Monday.)
The room allotted to us was beautiful as expected and as per Club Mahindra Standards.
We had the hill view from our dining area while the farm view from our bedroom.

The resort is huge and the rooms allotted to you, may be far away from the reception and the activity area. So for those who are too lazy to walk, Lake Pavna has an Eco Friendly Mini Train that picks you up from your location and drops you wherever you want. The frequency of this train is every 30 minutes, so make sure you keep a track of the time to get a lift in it. Commuting in this train again is an experience in itself and reminded me of the mini trains in Matheran.

Since we have been to Lonavla numerous times, we had decided not to indulge in any sight seeing and use this time for plain relaxation.
Unfortunately I was having an upset stomach, so we had decided to carry home cooked meals.
Did you know that Club Mahindra Apartments have a well equiped kitchenette, so you can cook your meals in case you don't want to eat in their restaurant(which by the way is excellent too). Perfect for people travelling with kids..isn't it?

After we had our lunch, we dozed off on our comfy bed. After our nap, we headed straight to towards the swimming pool. How could a Piscian stay away from water?

Now wait to hear this ..this resort has.. not 1..not 2..but 4 swimming pools including an Infinity Pool.
The Infinity pool is soo gorgeous..I just didn't want to leave that place.
We decided to return to our rooms, only because it got really cold and chilly especially in the evening, and the rains made it worse. (Tip: Please carry a jacket/stole to save yourself from the chilly evenings. I carried a stole just to be on a safer side coz I get cold really easily, and I am so glad I did. Also, everyone I saw at the resort had a jacket on, so I guess they had better researched than me.)

After that, we checked out the gym coz Husband and I didn't want to miss out on our workouts during this holiday, and also coz we had planned not to do anything else.
The gym again is really Up-Class and very well maintained.

This resort has a Basket Ball Court, a Volley Ball court, Bikes on Rent, and a host of other games in their activity centre. So be sure not to have a single dull moment.

The activity centre hosts a number of events and workshops, a time-table of which is provided to you at the time of check-in. They have Karaoke nights, Salsa Classes, Early Morning Yoga classes and what not!!! Plus they have a Library, in case you need to grab a book, and a Cyber Cafe as well so that you keep in touch with the virtual word.

I am really tired of writing such good stuff about this place, and I am sure you are bored too. If I have to mention one flip side, it would be that there are power cuts in the evening which by the way is restored within a minute. But if you are strolling in the resort during late evenings, the power cuts can really scare you off. So please carry a torch or at least a phone that has an in-built torch to save you from such scenarios.

So let me just end this really long post by saying that if you are planning to visit Lonavla any time soon, Lake Pavna is the place to be. This place for me has to be the best one in Lonavla. We stayed there for 2 nights 3 days, and were sad that we didn't book any longer.

Now finally, I let the pictures speak ..go ahead and enjoy.

The Mini Train

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  1. Beautiful place
    Keep in touch,

  2. is such a beautiful place. I m def going to tell my hubby to take me to Lonavla and yes I am lazy so I would prefer Mini train ;)


    1. It is beautiful Manisha..u shud go thr..!u will love it.

  3. Lovely place and amazing pics!!!
    Happy friday doll!

  4. Lovely pics.. i liked the mini-train n that tree wall sticker.. n yes 3 months is not that late... i posted about 7 months back trip... it's better to b late then never.. :)

  5. The place looks heaven. Have been there just once, and stayed with the shaw's. And I love the new template u have here, Is it really new or am I just noticing it for the first?

    1. Thnks Surbhi..the template is a month old..u r noticing it for the first time..??better late than never..!;)

  6. LOvely place great review.

  7. Lonavala is so beautiful in monsoons!!

  8. the resort looks beautiful!! I love infinity pools!!

  9. i really love these pictures,nice flowers set
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  10. Wonderful photos, the place looks magical. :)
    Btw, I have nominated you for Versatile blogger award .
    Check it out :)

  11. Wow! This place looks really beautiful! Thanks for reviewing it. i was not aware of this resort.

    1. In answer to your question on my blog, yes .. the pics were taken at R-City mall in Ghatkopar :)

  12. great post!
    lonavala is always beautiful!
    have a great week,

  13. Great review - really informative!<3

  14. Wow!!! This place is awesome and very artsy. Love that tree art, amazing. and looks comfy place :)
    Your new follower via GFC and Bloglovin, hope you follow back.

  15. Hey Aditi!
    Thanks for the lovely message...I actually had a lasik operation to remove my eye power so was cutting down on my computer time for the last couple of weeks!But am much better now and hopefully back soon with a new post! :)
    Lonavala looks beautiful!The mini trains sounds really fun and I could just spend a whole day in that gorgeous pool lol...Club Mahindra has some really nice properties!
    Looks like you had an amazing holiday!

  16. Will definitely go there... Look great


  17. Wow ! great Post......

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