Friday 25 April 2014

Srikhand Recipe

This recipe comes from my SIL's Kitchen.
Calling her a fantastic cook would be an understatement. She is just sooo good.
When we visited them last time, she said that she was going to make srikhand for us.
I am not a big fan of Srikhand, but I didn't object, as my tummy always has place for deserts. :)
I decided to capture the procedure in my camera for my Blog's sake. And I am so glad I did.
Coz the end result was the yummiest srikhand I have ever tasted in my entire lifetime. You just can't stop eating it, until you have devoured it all. It's sinfully rich, and you just can't avoid it.
Quickly note down the recipe and I promise you won't regret it.

Hung curd made out of whole cream milk.
Sour Cream
Powdered green cardamom
Powdered Sugar as per your taste

Hang curd made out of whole cream milk in a muslin cloth for 24 hours. Make sure it does not come in touch with water. Transfer this hung curd in a bowl.
Add equal quantity of sour cream to it.
Then add to it saffron,

and green cardamom powder and beat it.
Srikhand is ready to be relished.

You can garnish it with dry fruits, if you like.

In case you are looking for a sugar free version of Srikhand, add honey instead of sugar and I promise you won't even understand the difference in taste.


  1. love it
    yummy :)

  2. Really !! It's so easy so make.. I thought making shrikhand is so difficult, I will give it a try

  3. have to give this a try!! Seems u are unleashing the fab cook in yourself :D

  4. yummi i also want to try it :)

    Greetings from Paris!

  5. Awesome! Since couple of days I was planning to make shrikhand but din realize until now that it was relatively so easy .. ::))

  6. Oh! My.. Wow.. Ur lucky u have a SIL who cooks yummy food!! :) The desert looks mouth watering!!! Yum!!!

  7. Wow! Your family is full good cooks Aditi :)
    New post up!

  8. Yummy. Perfect maharastrian sweet dish

  9. Srikhand is probably my FAVORITE desi dessert. I just loveeeee it! What a fun post to read...and now I'm craving it!


  10. This looks so rich & I love any kind of milk product - YUM!

  11. It looks so tasty....I have tried Srikhand from sweet shops..but never tried making at home...:-)



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